"The Official Pokemon Company" YouTube channel released a promotional video for the upcoming movie of the franchise, "Pokemon: Everyone's Story," this week. The video from Japan served as the debut of the theme song that was finalized for the movie and is titled "Breath." It is performed by Porno graffiti.

Fans that watch a lot of anime will be familiar with the Japanese band Porno Graffiti, as this is not the first time that this rock band has performed for anime. Comicbook reported that this band performed the opening song for "Fullmetal Alchemist" called "Mellisa" and, in 2016, the hit opening song from "My Hero Academia" called "The Day."

Theme song by Porno Graffiti

Several other anime shows like "Bleach," "Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic," and "Detective Conan" also used music from Porno Graffiti.

Comicbook noted that the movie is "a continuation of the rebooted timeline established in last year's Pokémon Movie: I Choose You," and is not the main canon version of Pokemon. This means that Ash has not yet met with his friends from the anime series, but his adventures are somewhat similar to those in the anime series.

Plotline of 'Everyone's Story'

Comicbook explains that "Ash and Pikachu travel will travel to Fura city" during the annual Wind Festival. People of Fura city believe that legendary Pokémon Lugia appears on the final day of the festival and brings blessed winds with it.

The main characters in the movie are Lisa, the Pokémon trainer with an Eevee. Then there are Kagachi the braggart that just can't stop telling tall tales, Trito the timid researcher that lacks confidence, Hisui, an old lady who doesn't like Pokémon, and Largo, the mysterious little girl who hangs around in the forest.

In the movie, Ash and Pikachu are going to meet these five characters by pure coincidence.

From the synopsis of the movie, it is clear that Lugia is going to play a major role in this upcoming movie, but it will also be the first movie to introduce the new Legendary Pokemon "Zeraora." But the question is; which one of these two Pokemon will be the protagonist and which one will be the antagonist?

From the new trailer for the upcoming movie, we can see that Zeraora's behavior is that of a friend when Largo tries to grab hands, so it is possible that Lugia will act as a villain in this movie. Additionally, Zeraora cannot produce its own electricity and relies on outside sources of electricity which hints at the fact that Ash's Pikachu and Zeraora might become friends in this movie.

The Pokemon Blog site says that the new movie will be released on 13 July in Japan and chances are that it will release internationally in the next few months.