Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are two easygoing people, which is one of the many traits that make them so compatible. Harry would never think of telling Meghan what to do and that works both ways with this couple, but a rare mode of assertiveness on Harry's part is making headline news today.

According to The Sun, in a rare form of firmness, Harry "put his foot down" when it came to a specific guest on the royal wedding list. He wasn't about to see this woman among the family and friends celebrating their nuptials.

A royal snub

Meghan has very few British pals, most of her close friends are from the other side of the pond in Los Angeles or Canada.

There is one British woman that Meghan struck up a friendship with even before she started dating Harry. That would be the former "Made In Chelsea" star, Millie Mackintosh.

Because Meghan and Millie appeared to be such close friends, as the wedding neared, there was much speculation about the part Millie would play in the event. Would she be the equivalent of a maid of honor for Megan? Speculation over Millie's place in the wedding party was the buzz, there was no doubt about her being there but it was unknown what role she'd be given. It was a total surprise that she wasn't even invited as a guest.

Harry gets assertive

Millie was not invited to the royal wedding and according to the Metro, it was at Harry's firm request that this woman was deleted from the guest list.

Apparently, Meghan obliged because Millie was not there watching her close friend tie the royal knot.


So why was Harry so adamant that Millie was to be left off the guest list? According to the Metro and a few other big media sources, reports have Harry looking at Millie as a "blabbermouth." The reports indicate that Harry had concerns Millie would "spill the beans about their special day," suggests the Metro.

According to the source who passed this information along to the Daily Mail today (June 3), Harry doesn't tell Meghan what to do, so this was a rare event on his part. Meghan met Millie a year before she met Prince Harry and she even shared a vacation with Millie at one time.

No animosity?

Despite being snubbed by the royals, Millie doesn't appear to harbor any animosity over it.

It looks like she celebrated the royal nuptials all on her own, which is seen in the photos she posted online. She took to Instagram and put a picture of her dog sitting in front of the TV set watching the royal wedding. She also posted a picture of the newly married couple's kiss.

Will she do the same?

Millie is about to become a bride herself, after once being married and divorced, she rekindled a romance with her high school sweetheart and the couple is set to make their own walk down the aisle very soon. It is not known if Harry and Meghan will get an invite to her special day.