Roman Reigns is one of the most polarizing characters to ever step foot in the WWE ring, as the fans either love him or hate him, with nothing much else in between. Not too many people have a so-so reaction to the Big Dog. No matter how the WWE fans feel about Reigns, when he walks into the ring, the boos can be heard from a mile away.

It is because Roman's welcome into the ring comes with a chorus of boos and sneers that the question of Roman turning heel or not has been swirling around the WWE superstar for ages. It seems that this is a question Reigns himself gets asked by his fans on a frequent basis, but Roman's fate seemed to remain a mystery.

The man they love to boo

Sportskeeda calls Reigns "one of the most confusing wrestlers" that the WWE has in the ring today. The story plot the WWE has scripted for this wrestler has had some unexpected twists and turns along the way.

The WWE had been grooming Reigns to the point that the fans felt they were privy to the outcome of the WrestleMania match this year before it happened. Many considered Reigns "the chosen one," reports Sporskeeda. Roman was built-up as the WWE star who would take his opponent down with ease.

When the WrestleMania match went off between Reigns and Brock Lesnar, it was Lesner who emerged the winner, which spawned much confusion among the WWE fans. This was at WrestleMania, but when Lesnar did it again at the Greatest Royal Rumble, fans took a step back in wonder.

Confusion among the scripts

What was the WWE doing? Sportskeeda suggests that this double victory for Lesnar over Reigns made the "past several years worth of Reign's booking" somewhat senseless. One of the more popular things to do when at a WWE event is to boo Reigns and it looks as if WWE aimed to keep the trend going.

So what about turning heel for Reigns?

When asked recently during an interview, he said he doesn't see any reason to do that. While turning the Big Dog into a heel would seem like the traditional thing to do, since he is booed as soon as he hits the ring, Reigns has a different take.

Will Reigns turn heel?

When answering the question if he thinks he should turn heel, Reigns called it a "weird question" because the way he sees it "it is already happening." He asked, "aren't I already a heel?" His take is much like the old adage, "if the shoe fits, wear it." He said he is already getting the reaction from the crowd as a heel would, so what could possibly change or be different if that tag was officially placed on him?

He said that he is already getting booed from the crowd, so why go further and try to get booed? He considers himself in a "gray area" and while being in this spot, he thinks it is a rather good thing for his career. He said that he sees the crowd's reactions to him as a "positive thing."

'Gray area guy'

Where Reigns sits today, in that "gray area," this opens up so many more storylines for him in the ring. From his point of view, that is a good thing. This gives him a great opportunity to "just play with this character" and not have to be labeled just "heel or face" only. He sees himself as something more. Roman believes that he can bring so much more into the ring via his character, as long as he is "the gray area guy."

According to ESPN, Reigns only cares about the reaction he gets from the fans.

He doesn't care if he gets the boos or cheers from the crowd and he doesn't care what the people see him as "face" or "heel." The only thing he cares about is when he walks into the ring, he spawns some type of reaction from the WWE fans. You have to admit, Roman Reigns has been extremely successful with that goal!