The later half of 2018 is going to be chock-full of movies that you and the whole family can enjoy. It is safe to say some of the biggest blockbuster hits are going to be good for children between the ages of 9-99. Three of the biggest family blockbuster movies that are heading to theaters near you are "The Incredibles 2," "Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation," and "Mary Poppin Returns." While all of these movies are sequels and not anything original, most of these films are long-awaited returns to the big screen for their respective franchises.

'The Incredibles 2'

The first outing of the Incredible family with Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl at the helm came to theaters in 2004, nearly 15 years ago. America fell in love with Pixar's first family and people could not wait to see them square off against the Underminer which was the set up for the sequel in the closing scene of the first movie. However, while the sequel picks up where the first movie ended there is going to be a bigger villain than the Underminer.

When Pixar finally did announce that the sequel was coming out people almost didn't believe it. Then the trailer dropped, and people lost their minds seeing their favorite super-powered baby Jack-Jack. However, during the Winter Olympics there was a sneak peek that placed the focus on Elastigirl as the main hero and the breadwinner of the family.

With this dynamic shifted it will be interesting to see how strongman Bob deals with being Mr. Mom. If you haven't seen the sneak peek yet, you can watch it below:

"Incredibles 2" comes out on June 15.

'Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation'

This is the newest franchise in this article and while not universally loved like the Incredible family, it found success with its creative twists on classic monster stories.

Dracula in this sequel might finally find love but the twist is, his newfound love interest is the daughter of the famous monster hunter Van Helsing. The comedy in this iteration seems to be tighter and better than the two films coming before this one, while the focus also shifts from Dracula's daughter and grandchild to the big guy himself.

The movie looks to be fun and full of laughs and good for the kids. While not as highly anticipated as other movies in this article, kids will still turn out to see the world's friendliest monster family have fun and hijinks this summer.

Drac is back on July 13.

'Mary Poppins Returns'

The original "Mary Poppins" came out in 1964 so it has been a long time since we have seen Ms. Poppins on the big screen. This new Ms. Poppins will be played by the talented Emily Blunt so while there is a voice in the crowd that says this sequel is a mistake, it seems that the character is in good hands. While we did have a film about Disney's acquisition of the film rights with Tom Hanks as Mr. Walt Disney, that film didn't really focus on the supernatural nanny, while this one will be more of a direct sequel to the original.

Whether or not any of the old characters will return is unknown at present, however, there is still time before the film is released. This movie won't hit theaters until Christmas 2018. So this isn't a summer blockbuster, but it will undoubtedly make this upcoming Christmas season something special. With all the other summer hits coming out soon, it is a good thing that this one is coming out later to give movie-goers a break from the dark theater. And of course, here is the teaser for "Mary Poppins Returns":