On "General Hospital" Alexis Davis has recently been going down memory lane with her half-brother Valentin. The fact that the Cassadine name continues to be thrown around keeps the speculation going that a recast of Nikolas may be in the works. Now, however, Soap Opera Spy is offering a different scenario that is definitely a possibility.

The spoiler says Stephen Nichols has not taped scenes on "Days of Our Lives" since March, which leads to speculation that he may no longer be a part of the show. But note that Soap Opera Spy did clarify this is just a rumor and they wrote, "It is just rumor and nothing has been confirmed." SOS suggests this may be a good time to bring Nichols back to Port Charles as Stephan, who is yet another half-sibling.

Alexis may find herself at a Cassadine reunion

Valentin has been the Cassadine who has remained front and center in Port Charles since Nikolas was presumed to be dead. During the past week, he visited "Natasha," AKA Alexis to get her legal help to make sure Charlotte is taken care of if he should die. Valentin found Ms. Davis looking at relics from the past that were inside a large jewelry box and the two half-siblings had a long talk about their devious family members. Spoilers believe this is leading somewhere and if Patch is out of "DOOL," then Stephan could easily return to "GH."

It's possible that Alexis could find herself dealing with a family reunion if Stephan shows up and Nikolas and or Helena return from the grave.

The Cassadine matriarch has been resurrected far too many times, so it's not a stretch to believe she could show up in Port Charles yet again. The Nikolas rumors have been spreading like wildfire for over two years now, and the current storyline does nothing to put them to rest.

Alexis grills Valentin about the watch and Mikos

Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry say that Alexis has questions for Valentin about Mikos, as well as the watch that was in the envelope he handed her. This coming week she is going to grill her sibling and try to get some answers. Ms. Davis wonders why she is drawn to bad boys and mobsters like Julian, Sonny, and Rick or makes rash decisions as she did with Finn.

She may believe it starts with the fact that she is part Cassadine.

Earlier spoilers indicate that Laura will return to Port Charles and be involved in a big storyline. Her grandson Spencer is supposed to be coming back during the summer months as well. The young prince wants revenge on his uncle because he believes he murdered his father. Even if Stephan and Nikolas are no shows on "General Hospital," viewers will love watching Spencer go toe to toe with Valentin and try to avenge the death of his dad.