Get ready for "The Conners" and a possible sad story on the demise of their matriarch, Roseanne. There will be a story that goes along with the wife and mother missing from the new show and a theory has sprung up regarding what that storyline may be. From the hints passed down by ABC, it sounds as if fans are in for a sad demise when it comes to Roseanne Conner's fate.

It seems the show "Roseanne" was too good to put out to pasture alongside the shows that fizzled out at the network. This comedy still had a lot of shelf life left with the high ratings it accumulated along with advertisers lining up to hook their product via commercials to "Roseanne." That is until the show's matriarch pulled the plug with a few disparaging tweets.

When "Roseanne" was canceled after Roseanne Barr tweeted comments that were deemed racist, the people behind the show were too enmeshed with contracts to jump into an immediate spin-off.

Severing Barr from the show

After straightening out those contracts, which included severing Barr from any financial or creative ties to the show, "The Conners" was born, according to ET Online. Now that the official announcement has been made about "The Conners" emerging without Barr's character, the big question surfaced. How will the show explain the matriarch suddenly gone from the storyline?

It is obvious to the fans why Barr won't be gracing the TV screen when the rest of her castmates return, but in the world of Dan and Roseanne, there is no room for contracts.

They are just simple, everyday folks on the show, so when Roseanne's absence is explained, it will have to fit in with their lifestyle.

If they do kill off Roseanne, it won't be the first time they've buried a main character on the show. Dan Conner is alive and well today, but when the original "Roseanne" series went off the air, she was a widow, as Dan was dead.

Theory of overdose death picking up steam

Pop Sugar reports how some fans are already making a case for Roseanne's character to be killed off. While explaining the absence of the matriarch of this family has not been divulged by the officials from the show as of yet, fans suggest that last season's storyline with Roseanne and painkillers may play into her death.

ABC has already revealed that the Conners will be dealing with life in Lanford as they typically do but the new show will open with them facing new struggles, unlike they've seen before. The viewers will find the Conners in the aftermath of "a sudden turn of events."

Painkiller struggle

The character Roseanne was already struggling with painkillers due to knee surgery, which was seen in the last season before the show was canceled. Some of the fans believe the show may have her overdose and die as the foundation for this death is already there after seeing her having problems with this medication. The official demise of Roseanne's character will undoubtedly stay under lock and key until the debut of the new show.

How they plan to do away with Roseanne Conner has become a real cliffhanger since the announcement of the new show emerged Thursday night (June 21). Knowing that they need to explain within the storyline her absence, the curiosity around this will help entice the viewers back to the show to see how Roseanne's TV life ends.

Mystery disappearance unlikely

There is only one way for sure to know how Roseanne Conner suddenly disappears as the matriarch of the family and that is to tune in this fall. ABC didn't give the exact date of the debut of "The Conners" but they did say it will be sometime this fall. They also said the spin-off will air in the same 8 PM Tuesday timeslot of the now defunct "Roseanne."