"Celebrity Family Feud" returns to ABC on Sunday, June 10 with comedian Steve Harvey hosting new episodes. The upcoming fourth season begins with the episode that has been advertised and that fans are looking forward to seeing. It is the competition between Kanye West and his family against the Kardashians and their family.

The original plan was for the Kardashians to play against another celebrity family. Since the other team canceled and the Kardashian family is so big, the network divided them into two teams with Kanye West and his family competing against the Kardashians.

Even with that change, the team still included more people than the usual number. Therefore, viewers will see more people on the panel than ever before.

What to expect

Host Steve Harvey appeared on the "Ellen" show two months ago and dished on what happened during the taping. He filled the public in on what to expect. The group the Kardashians were supposed to be up against was Paris Hilton and her family. When the Hiltons canceled, it solved the problem of the many members of the Kardashian family who wanted to play.

The ones who were originally scheduled to compete included only Kris and her daughters. Then the grandmother wanted to play the game. Kanye spoke up and said he has always wanted to play because he is such a big fan of "Family Feud." So he, Kim, and his family are playing against Kris and her family which also includes the grandmother.

Therefore, everybody is competing in the upcoming game to kick off the new season.

The teams

While Harvey praised Kanye for his skills, he could not say the same thing about his wife. In fact, the host said Kim was one of his worst contestants who knew none of the answers. Steve told Ellen DeGeneres that he had never seen Kanye smile so much in all the years he has known him.

Kanye is heard saying in previews that he was there to win.

The host acknowledged that Khloé and Kim are very competitive and since they are on opposite teams, it makes for a very good show.

He promised viewers that they will laugh and yell at the television screen because the show is just that exciting.

Even though the game show was taped months ago, no one knows who won the competition. Harvey did say it was one of the best episodes of "Family Feud" so far. No matter which team wins, the money will go to charity.

Watch "Celebrity Family Feud" when it returns for its fourth season on Sunday, June 10 at 8 PM. If the advertisements are correct, this particular episode is like no other episode that has ever been seen before.