Farrah Abraham reportedly let loose on the police officers who arrested her on Tuesday night at The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. According to a report by TMZ on Wednesday, June 13, the former "Teen Mom OG" star, who was fired from her role on the MTV series months ago, lashed out against police and repeatedly told them "go f**k yourself" as she stood outside of the celebrity hotspot.

Along with a shocking video of the former reality star, TMZ shared new details of her controversial arrest, revealing that she became belligerent after being taken outside of the hotel after an argument with other hotel guests and a security guard.

In the video clip, Abraham yells, "Go f**k yourself" as a number of officers stand around her. Then, after one of the police officers took her wallet from her, Abraham's verbal tirade continued as she attempted to convince the authorities that she had not hit or injured anyone at the hotel. She also told them that there was no real reason to take her into custody.

Farrah Abraham allegedly assaulted a Beverly Hills Hotel employee

As the TMZ video continued, Farrah Abraham was seen being hauled away by police as she began crying and yelling, "I'm not resisting!" According to the report, Abraham was accused of hitting a security guard at the hotel after he asked her to vacate the premises after a verbal altercation with some other guests.

At the time of the incident, Abraham was reportedly showing signs of intoxication.

Farrah Abraham believes she was targeted because of her celebrity status

After being released from custody on Wednesday, June 13, Farrah Abraham took to her Instagram page and shared a video with her fans and followers in which she claimed to have been "targeted" prior to her arrest and blamed the ordeal on her reality fame.

"I hope no other female finds herself in this situation or position," she told her audience in the Instagram live clip.

Continuing on, Abraham said that it is very hard to be a public figure and celebrity and told fans she isn't "about that." As she explained, she finds it sad that she has been targeted and is unable to go out and have a fun day without being attacked by others.

"I don’t want to ever be attacked again at a hotel!" she said.

In addition to her reality fame, Farrah Abraham has made a name for herself in the adult industry after releasing a couple of adult films in 2013 and a series of erotic novels shortly thereafter.