America's Got Talent” began its 13th season on May 29, and not everything seemed lucky in this superstitious year, but for one act, the golden buzzer was already granted. The fur was flying right out of the gate, with 10 cats doing a trick routine that Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Mel B had never seen before, and The Savitsky Cats got the approval to stay in the running. From the pure and sentimental, to the spooky, and onto sensational rap, the evening’s “America's Got Talent” contenders made an impression. Here are five performances that definitely will stay in the memory banks, and become the start of a long stay in the competition.

From a frozen card to family legacy

Shin Lim-card magician. The young man from Boston could not have known that he was already at a disadvantage before he even walked on stage. Simon Cowell already was moaning that he was tired and bored by card trick magicians, and Heidi Klum had told an earlier one to make his talents “more fun and entertaining,” as all the judges sat around his table. Shin came to the stage with just his card deck, but he did things with it that few have ever seen.

Tyra Banks came to sit as a spectator and was left aghast as he made her queen of spades card disappear, reappear, and even become engraved on the illusionist’s chest. He made the entire card deck turn clear and encased her card in a frozen block before returning it to her as a souvenir.

Howie Mandel called it the best close-up magic he had ever witnessed. Simon Cowell took back his words, and Mel B told Lim that he had “ballerina's hands.” Heidi Klum said that she could not close her mouth from being awestruck.

We Three. Following an interlude that was really a comic and a time-filler failure, during which a Scottish judge applicant took the place of Howie, We Three, a family band from Oregon took the stage.

“America's Got Talent” always makes time for a hopeful act’s story, and the story of this family’s song tribute to their mother was truly tender. They had shared her last four months together before she passed from cancer, and they gleaned their inspiration from her letters describing the loss of her own mother.

Beyond the touching sentiment, their voices and musicianship were remarkable, so much so that Simon Cowell said: “you sound like a record.” Mel B was shaking and moved to tears because the song reminded her of the recent loss of her father.

Howie Mandel commented that the feeling came through to the panel “as parents.” Heidi simply loved the song. No matter how they place in the competition, this is a moment for this family.

Fierce ladies and flying feet

Flau’jae. Leaks of this 14-year-old rapper’s performance have already been all over the Internet, but nothing distracted from her heartfelt message on gun violence, inspired by the loss of the father she never got to know Camouflage. To hear the plea of those painful words coming from a life so young truly had an impact. The entire audience was on their feet. Before the performance, the young artist questioned if “America's Got Talent” was “ready for this.” Howie Mandel assured her that “we need this.” Heidi Klum praised that she was “glad there is a girl like you” taking on this message, and Mel B credited her as “so honest and on point.” Simon Cowell confessed that he was no expert in rap music, but noted Flau’jae as his favorite audition and the start of a career.

He made a point of meeting her mother and encouraging her again backstage.

Vicki Barbolak—comedian. From the minute that this funny lady introduced herself with “Now you know what a trophy wife looks like in Los Angeles,” it was clear that she was out to command the stage and have her moment in her own way. She's no hipster, and she's not out to win everybody over, but her material is sharp and swift. Heidi Klum doesn’t usually take to comics, but she offered this one a bra, telling her that “you had me at the first.” Simon Cowell is no lover of standup, either, and he shared that Barbolak was “the funniest on the show-- a star.” Mel B got more than one belly laugh, and Howie Mandel said that Vicki filled the void left by the passing of “our Joan Rivers.”

Zucaroh—dance troupe.

For some reason, the panel was in a mood to be scared out of their wits, and after some dismal efforts at fright, the speechless, head-jerking performer called The Sacred Riana came out and dropped her look-alike doll and put together a story from a headline that put a killer right behind Mel B. Mel B, Heidi, and Howie all lapped up the display, but not Simon. The shtick was better suited to a Halloween party than to the national stage of “America's Got Talent,” so time will tell how long the spooky, silent girl stays.

Two dance acts were scary good. Junior New System was pure heart and spirit in their vibrant routine that closed with everyone wearing heels. These street children from Manila deserve every break the competition can bring them.

Zucaroh was a group from similar straits in Brazil. What made them stand out was their gravity-defying leaps, throws, and human catches that stole the breath. They also closed with their youngest member, stealing the audience, and Tyra Banks stole her moment to give them her golden buzzer vote straight to the finals, on the very first night.

There's no telling what the next audition weeks will bring. "America's Got Talent" returns next Tuesday (June 5).