It’s about time female directors starting getting paid what they’re due and it seems we’re getting closer to this becoming a more regular reality. "Wonder Woman" director Patty Jenkins previously earned a hefty sum of $1 million for her work on the first film, though it’s now been revealed by that she’s set to earn roughly nine times that amount for directing the upcoming sequel. The astonishing amount makes Patty Jenkins the highest paid female director of all time, which means that she’s definitely entitled to her bragging rights.

Jenkins will be paid $9 million for directing the sequel

A report by The Hollywood Reporter released last year indicated that the female director was likely to earn between $7 to $9 million for the forthcoming production and release of the film, though it’s now been confirmed that she’s being paid the higher amount. With the first film receiving a box office revenue of nearly $822 million (according to data provided by IMDb) and being awarded an impressive 92 percent rating on RottenTomatoes, it’s no wonder why the fans and producers alike are so keen to have Jenkins work on the continuation of the franchise.

Prior to its premiere, there was a lot of debate by fans of the DC franchise about whether or not a female superhero would be able to meet the expectations of audiences around the globe.

However, any doubt was quickly diminished when the film went on to stun critics and fellow directors alike with its overwhelmingly positive fan response and a profit percentage of over 451 percent. In a review released by famed film magazine Empire, the film was described as "first truly terrific entry" in the DC Extended Universe.

The director has demanded equal pay for women within the industry

Jenkins, whose "Wonder Woman" received a box office revenue of nearly $822 million, released an interview with in 2017 explaining how she was using her standing to fight for equal pay for female directors. She explained how she knew that she had to ensure she was being paid the equivalent of what her male counterparts would be for the same work.

She also later went on to add that she was using her standing to bring attention to the unfair treatment that women all throughout the industry endure. In the interview, she explains that she made use of her foothold in the film industry as when it comes to being paid the equal amount as a female director “you have to ask for it to happen, and you have to ask when you’re the appropriate person.”

Despite earning an impressive $1 million for the first "Wonder Woman" film in the franchise, it seems her demands have definitely paid off as she’ll be able to tuck another $9 million under her belt. It’s all in due course, however, and we can be sure to expect even further outstanding work from the female director as she continues to blow away fans both past and present.

"Wonder Woman 2" is currently set to be released 1 November 2019.