Kanye West has been in the news a few times, for various controversial comments or actions he has done. However, this time West has made a controversial comment about slavery, and people are not happy about it. West had a mental breakdown back in November 2016, which left his family and friends worried about his health. Ever since then, he has been saying and doing some questionable things. This has led him to the loss of friendships such as one with Jay-Z. However, recently Kanye West has seemed to patch things up with John Legend by posting a picture on Twitter on April 28, with the caption "Agree to disagree." Yet, a new controversial statement may cause the loss of more friendships.

Slavery a 'choice'

On Tuesday, May 1, Kanye West was interviewed on TMZ Live, where he talked about controversial things such as Donald Trump, opioids, and slavery. "You know ummm... When you hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years?! That's like a choice" Kanye West exclaims to the TMZ Live reporters.

In the video, the reporters are clearly disturbed by West's outbreak. He then goes on to say that slavery is like being "mentally in prison." It is difficult to understand what Kayne West means by these comments, even with his explanation "Right now we're choosing to be enslaved." West does say a positive comment, among his controversial comments on slavery, about white people and black people "being one race...we're the human race." Throughout this interview, West continuously says he is for "free thought." Perhaps, he is too bold with his comments and does not think about his choice of wordings before he speaks.

Responses to his interview

Right away, during the interview, a staff member confronts Kanye Wests' slavery comment. The staff member claims that West's comments were "the absence of thought" and "nonsensical." He then goes on to say that he is "appalled", disappointed" and "unbelievably hurt." This causes an argument between West and the staff member, with both trying to get their points across.

West does end the argument by saying how he just wants to show love, and by approaching Donald Trump, he can talk about issues with the president, so there will be changes. West does have a point here, that it is better to show love and to actually have real discussions with Donald Trump, instead of hating on the president.

The rapper T.I. is asked by a TMZ reporter in a video to comment on Kanye West's slavery comment, and how it affects the message T.I. and West were trying to get across in their song. T.I. first states that it is not clear where West was going with his comments or what West's intentions were. Yet, T.I. then goes on to say, "I do not feel that it was malicious." It is true that Kanye West does not say his comments in a cruel way. T.I. also states that "He [West] intends to believe it's going to force everyone to engage in and discuss things that we would not have discussed before he made this statement." T.I. believes it is best to just step back, and wait to see how West's comments will play out.

In an interview on "Good Morning Britain," when asked to comment on Kanye West's interview, the singer Will.i.am states "That broke my heart." Will.i.am reflects back on his family's history, and how his great-great-grandmother was a slave.

He then goes on to talk about the deprivation of being a slave, and how a slave does not have a choice. Will.i.am understands Kanye West's belief in "free thought," but believes it needs to be grounded in research. He goes on to say that West's comment about slavery was "ignorant" and "harmful." The reporter Piers Morgan on "Good Morning Britain" believes Will.i.am's response is "so powerful," and hopes that Kanye West will listen to Will.i.am. To see the full Kanye West interview, visit the TMZ Live website. To see T.I.'s response and Will.i.am's response, check out the videos below.