"Westworld" Season 2 Episode 3 introduced someone new to the storyline, a woman named Grace (Katja Herbers), who seemed to have ties to the park. She was first introduced in The Raj, a park based in colonial India which is supposed to be easier than Westworld. During the episode, no one calls her by her name, which only adds to the speculation on her real ties to the show.

Could Grace be a die-hard gamer?

As a report by Elle pointed out, Grace could be an avid gamer. She seemed to know the park well and she had a book with a map in it. She knew how to check if the man who approached her was a person or a host.

Like William, she sees to be looking for something, something deeper than just playing the game.

What we know so far

She knows how the park works and she isn't going to fall in love with a host like William did with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). She is fully aware they are just playing out a script that is uploaded to their hard drive. Another strange thing about Grace is she came to the park alone. That alone gave many viewers pause about her identity. When someone goes on vacation, typically they would come with their family or a few friends. However, Grace arrived solo with a map of the park in hand.

"Westworld" Episode 3 showed that Grace knew the park's outer limits. When the Bengal was chasing her, she knew to run to the park's boundary.

Whether she was actually running to the outer limit or just running away isn't known quite yet.

Is Grace actually William's daughter?

Hollywood Reporter pointed out that Grace could be tied to William, aka The Man in Black. If you are like most fans, you are thinking, what? how? The publication doesn't say, but the "Westworld" fans have a pretty good idea how it could play out.

William's daughter's name is Emily. We learned about her in Season 2 Episode 2, when William was about to take over Delos. William attended a party with his father-in-law, wife, and young daughter.

It's possible that Grace is Emily's middle name or perhaps it's just a name she chose to go by inside the park.

We know that William ignored his family to explore "Westworld," but that doesn't mean that she wouldn't have grown up with curiosity about the park. She may even have planned to come to the park to confront him about his neglect. Another theory is that she may want to bond with her father by playing the game that he loves. Perhaps, in her mind, this is the only way to connect with him.

"Westworld" spoilers state that Grace will soon run into Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) and Elsie (Shannon Woodward), who has been missing since the middle of Season 1. It sounds like Grace will be a big part of Season 2. Do you think Grace could be William's daughter? If not. who is she and what is she doing at the park? "Westworld" airs Sunday nights at 9 PM PT/ET on HBO.