The world of fantasy keeps the audience enthralled and such Movies will always leave a mark on not only the viewers but will also set the pace for a high level of business. “Avengers: Infinity War” belongs to a class of its own and with so many superheroes vying for attention, it is heading for the record books and could be the fastest film in history to reach $1bn at the global box office.

Sky News reports that the latest offering of Marvel Studio had reached figures of $905.1m by the end of the week as on Thursday in the United States. It has already minted $338.4m in America, and it can be safely assumed to go beyond the $1bn mark on Friday or Saturday.

Will the record be broken?

In case “Avengers: Infinity War” does reach the coveted mark within the 10th and 11th days of release, it will have overtaken “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” that took 12 days to make $1bn. It was released just before Christmas in 2015 and holds the current record of the fastest film to reach such a landmark. The latest superhero film of Marvel Studio is poised to break that box office record.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was JJ Abrams' blockbuster that became the third highest grossing film ever with $2.07bn in takings. That was no match for films like “Titanic” and “Avatar” that were way ahead with figures of $2.79bn. It remains to be seen if “Avengers - Infinity War” can come close to such earnings.

There are hopes that it will enter the top five table because it has yet to test the huge market in China where it will release on 11 May.

It is creating waves

Avengers - Infinity War” has an all-star cast of heroes from Iron Man to Doctor Strange who are trying to neutralize the villainous Thanos. It is a sci-fi movie, packed with unbelievable action directed towards containing the evil designs of the villain who wants to control the world.

Movies of this nature provide plenty of scope to animators to come up with newer concepts in order to keep the audience glued to the edge of their seats. They want to get lost in a world of fantasy and this latest venture is no different. It has already gone beyond the total box office earnings of movies like “Wonder Woman” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Once “Avengers - Infinity War” crosses the magic figure of $1bn, the Disney Empire will prove yet again its ability to churn out blockbusters and continue the legacy. It has many such movies to its credit and it wants to maintain the tradition and remain on top.