Last week on the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion everyone saw Jax Taylor go after Scheana Marie for not calling him when his dad died. This week they are going to talk a lot more about the cheating scandal from this season. Jax did admit to cheating on Brittany Cartwright one time with Faith, but Ariana says she is sure it was more than once. Brittany took him back after it all went down.

Andy asks Ariana how she knows

Tonight Andy Cohen isn't going to hold back and he will just ask Ariana Madix how she knows that Jax Taylor cheated more than once. It was seen in the previews, but the one thing we didn't see was his answer.

Now a preview explains how it goes down tonight. At first, she makes it sound like she heard it straight from Faith Stowers, but then she goes on and it sounds like James and other people told her they heard if from Faith. James will not be happy that he is dragged into this drama. James and Jax have been getting along so well that, hopefully, this won't mess it up.

So did Jax do it?

Jax Taylor's father just died and he is really upset about it. Tonight, Jax will go as far as to swear on his father that he only cheated one time. When the news came out about the cheating, there were a lot of specifics and nothing like that has been revealed about another time that they were together. It is difficult to know what to believe, but Jax has admitted to once, so why wouldn't he admit to the rest?

Brittany took him back regardless and they seem to be doing better than ever.

Lisa Vanderpump even comes to his defense a bit. She says, "She was chasing him, clearly. I'm not excusing your behavior or your actions. But I'm assaying as much as she wanted your gorgeous body, I'm sure, she also wanted to be part of this whole situation.

She did. That's why she taped him. It was a premeditated move." There has been a lot of talk that Faith did this to get on the show and it worked for her. By the end, Lala Kent and Tom Sandoval end up fighting and this is going to cause a ton of drama tonight.

Faith Stowers also ended up on the show "Ex on the Beach" after her affair with Jax.

This drama might have helped her to get that role as well. If it did then that screen time she got this season on "Vanderpump Rules" might have worked for her even though it rocked Jax and Brittany's relationship totally.

Don't miss part two of the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion when it airs tonight on Bravo. This is going to be one of the best things on television tonight.