As with any other brilliant show, ''This Is Us'' has its own recipe in terms of characters' complexity and its built-up method. Launched by NBC in 2016, this TV drama series quickly gained traction. By the end of the first season, a strong fan base had been cemented and the mainstream success was a simple matter of time. When referring to this show, one particular character would pope up from the back of the mind. It's Jack Pearson who stands as the central pillar and the core around which the whole narrative has to revolve. And it's a perfect choice given the stunning manner Milo Ventimiglia embodies this persona.

The story will dig deeper into Jack Pearson's past with Kevin in the front line

Throughout the second season, precious pieces of information were given to us, especially those unveiling how Jack Pearson died. But, his story is far from being over as the connection between him and his family has survived the test of time. The Season 2 finale opened up a new door, especially for Kate and Kevin. Finding a sense of closure on her relationship with her father, Kate decided to move. She got married to Toby, a guy who seems the perfect match for her. For Kevin, his sister's wedding provided an opportunity to jump into another relationship.

Kevin and Sophie ended their second time together in a rather strange way.

Now, the manny has Beth's cousin Zoe alongside him in what seems to be the beginning of an interesting trip to Vietnam. That scene with the plane preparing to land in Vietnam offers a short glimpse into a possible future scenario. Knowing the bond between Kevin and Jack, it would be interesting to follow the magnitude of this mission to uncover Jack's traces from forty years ago.

What do we know about Jack Pearson going to war in Vietnam?

There is one more mystery yet to be uncovered about Jack Pearson's life and that mostly revolves around his relationship with his brother Nicky. What we know for sure is that the whole Vietnam War experience left some horrible scars for Jack. Most certainly, his brother Nicky died during their time spent in the Vietnamese jungle.

Moreover, that's what pushed Jack into that drinking problem, an issue that will persist for years. Although Jack Pearson has been the focusing point for two seasons, we still know too little about this matter. Nicky may have played a special role in Jack's later development as a person and that's why we need to learn more about the topic.

Season 2 saw Kevin Pearson suffering a complete meltdown while the memory of his lost father was still an open wound. Now, it would be interesting to see how he'll handle this journey back in time. If he will pick the right thread, he will have to accommodate a significant sheer of emotions, all related to Jack and his time spent in Vietnam. The emotional toll could be too much and Kevin could cave in once more.