General Hospital” spoilers tease that Ava and Griffin's relationship may be falling apart over their significant differences and Wednesday's episode will spark an intense argument between the two. As viewers saw during Tuesday's show, Ava was a bit vague with Griffin in explaining how she managed to get Sonny to agree to the custody change with Avery. However, Griffin learned a lot more when he talked with Sonny and he quickly headed over to the gallery to confront his significant other on her approach. What do “General Hospital” spoilers detail about the May 2 episode regarding what comes next?

Griffin won't hold back when he confronts Ava

According to SheKnows Soaps, Griffin will be horrified by all of this. Ava knew that she was playing to win when it came to telling Sonny she would drop the charges against Mike if Sonny gave her more time with Avery, but she believed that it was what she needed to do. Unfortunately for her, "General Hospital" spoilers indicate that Griffin won't necessarily view the situation the same way.

Griffin will make it clear to Ava that he's angry and shaken by what she did. This will seemingly rattle Ava initially, but she'll emphatically scramble to convince him that it all worked out just fine because ultimately, she did drop the charges against Mike. However, Griffin won't be won over, and he will point out that Mike isn't truly guilty of anything to begin with, telling her that it was incredibly low of Ava to use his illness against him.

As ABC Soaps in Depth notes, Ava's go-to strategy when backed into a corner is typically to scramble, lie, and do whatever it takes to come out on top. She has tried to turn over a new leaf since the fire, but when push comes to shove, Ava tends to revert back to what she knows best and pulls out all of the stops to get what she believes she deserves.

Will Ava's choice ultimately cost her this relationship with Griffin?

Griffin fell for the softer side of Ava, but now he's seeing her down-and-dirty side and he's definitely conflicted over it. As tough as Ava can be when it comes to Avery and getting what she wants, she does have strong feelings for Griffin too and will look crestfallen as she realizes he doesn't understand her perspective.

She'll fight to win him over, but “General Hospital spoilers hint that this may be an issue he can't let go of.

Can Ava and Griffin work through this and move forward as a couple? "General Hospital" spoilers from Soap Central detail that during the week of May 8, Ava will be feeling great about the state of things. Obviously, she'll be thrilled to be spending more time with Avery, and it sounds likely that she'll manage to smooth things over with Griffin for now. However, this relationship may be on borrowed time after this and fans have a hunch that a split will come not too far down the road.