''The Walking Dead'' is a remarkable story of survival, with an Atlanta-based group forced to navigate through the dangerous pile of events that come once the world is on the brink of extinction. Most importantly, the AMC show delivers a unique view of a future where the whole of mankind has to face the ultimate test which is its own survival. Season 8 might be a distant memory by now but it also left things hanging pretty much up in the air with no solid clue as far as what to expect next.

''The Walking Dead'' has become a global phenomenon but that doesn't offer a safety net for the future.

The trend is a descending one with many viewers losing their appetite for the show.

What hinders the show's success

Given the media exposure ''The Walking Dead'' has been granted or has created on its own, it's hard to accept that this show is actually in a decaying state. With season 8 done and dusted, it is fair to assume that the show's future sits at a crossroads.

So, let's dig a bit deeper to uncover those particular aspects that might keep any future success at bay.

We have to keep in mind that ''The Walking Dead'' is a complex narrative puzzle with multiple stories going on at the same time. The plot's dynamics tends to occur when those narrative bubbles are on a collision course. The existence of multiple facets is also a source of plot slowness.

The first seasons were fine, as those in charge of the show managed to find the proper mix between dynamics and pace. Once the recurrent feeling emerged it became clear that the show was trapped in a narrative web.

''The Walking Dead'' is a giant with dozens of major characters, situations, plot twists and background stories.

That translates into a huge weight, a burden that tends to be too heavy for the show to sustain further. Collapsing under its own weight is one of the biggest threats to this TV series' future.

Season 9 could be the last chapter of the series

An increasing number of fans have already signaled that ''The Walking Dead'' could be put to rest soon.

Given the latest development during the eighth season, it won't be a surprise to see the whole story wrapped up for good at the end of season 9.

At this point, any other plot twist that could resuscitate the narrative seems like a futile attempt. And, to be fair, a well-written last season would be a better choice, especially for those die-hard fans that have been around since 2010. At this point, we have no official confirmation of anything beyond season 9.