''The Walking Dead'' Season 8 finale shed some light on how the post-apocalyptic adventure might unfold next. Rick Grimes led an eclectic alliance in a final standoff against ''the Saviors''. Negan was caught short-handed when Eugene's redemption bid unfolded. With Negan out of the villain's slot, it's time for a shift of momentum as a whole new arrangement looms ahead.

Carl's death led Rick into a gray zone, a purgatory where he had to sit down and analyze all of his past decision. As things got clearer and Carl's memory needs a tribute, Rick unilaterally decided to spare Negan's life.

That did nothing but to allow anger to take over Maggie as she started to pilling up her own forces on a sideline.

Rick Grimes is the one character that isn't allowed to die

Rick Grimes has traveled a long way when it comes to his own moral compass. He did everything to protect his group, but not all of his decisions were justified. After all, the entire grudge with ''the Saviors'' started as a result of that awful decision to attack that outpost. But, when the whole world has gone mad, it's easy to slip off the common sense wagon.

When it comes to facing off a villain, Negan and his ruthless gang was the peak. But, some greater danger might be lurking just under Rick's nose as Maggie's thirst for revenge is yet to be satisfied.

Killing Negan was the best option, but Rick and Michonne are both clearly under Carl's non-violence call. And, by extension, those in a close relationship with these two are sharing their vision.

The other camp consists of Maggie, Jesus, Daryl and possibly others who aren't willing to forget the chaos Negan put them through.

Facing ''the Saviors'' was indeed a disruptive event and a traumatic experience. Therefore, their need for revenge is somehow justified.

Rick Grimes might be forced to kill Maggie or Daryl

Although he seems firmly on Maggie's side, Jesus cannot be regarded to as a threat to Rick. He is no the guy to kill other people. That leaves Daryl and Maggie as those capable of questioning Rick's judgment up to the point where there is no return.

Hilltop and Alexandria are likely to evolve into rival groups, and the rift can cause even more death. In the absence of another villain, we might get a civil-war-like action.

In the eventuality of such conflict, it would be interesting to see which side ''the Whisperers'' would pick. Some saw this particular group as a potential future villain.

Although Rick killing Maggie or Daryl looks like a far-fetched scenario, we shouldn't rule it out. We saw that Rick is the guy to follow his own path and if that includes another controversial murder, he would probably go for it.