The Danish director Lars von Trier shocked the audience at the Cannes film festival with his film, “The House That Jack Built.” It is about a serial killer and the way he selected his victims, killed them in cold blood and disposed of the bodies. Many people in the audience could not tolerate the extent of violence and the display of blood and left the hall without waiting to see the end.

New Zealand Herald reports that Lars von Trier is a well-known director and the movie stars Matt Dillon and Uma Thurman who are both accomplished actors. Violence is also not new to Movies of today but the viewers were left horrified at the level of it.

The gory scenes repelled the audience

It seems the Cannes film festival witnesses a mass walkout while the film “The House That Jack Built” was being shown. Variety reported that over 100 people walked out. The viewers were outraged at the gory scenes on display and felt they were disgusting. They were appalled at the level of violence that targeted the women and children.

The movie is about a serial killer portrayed by Matt Dillon. A couple of his victims are Uma Thurman and Riley Keough. The exodus of the viewers began soon after a scene that showed the killer shooting two children in the head. Incidentally, many seats in the balcony were empty by the time the credits rolled. However, the director received a standing ovation from those present.

The story of the movie

The general feedback is that “The House That Jack Built” is not a movie for the weak-hearted. It is a fact that in today’s world violence has become common with attacks by terrorists. Then there are trigger-happy gun-toting individuals who enter schools and gun down innocents. Even then, it is difficult to imagine viewers sitting through the killing spree of a serial killer.

BBC adds that the movie directed by Danish director Lars von Trier premiered at Cannes and frightened the viewers. The story is about the killer Jack (Matt Dillon) and the dialogue he has with an unseen interviewer (Bruno Ganz) as he describes five of his more than 60 killings. Uma Thurman is one of his victims, and the time is in the 1970s with the setting believed to be somewhere in the United States.

The Guardian revealed that this movie is the offering through which director Lars von Trier chose to announce his return to Cannes. He was under a temporary seven-year ban from 2011. The duration of “The House That Jack Built” is two and half hours and it is to be seen how many viewers will watch it through to the end.