Starting in the spring of 1976, a series of attacks occurred in a part of California known as the east bay area. Police linked these attack to a suspect who would become known as the "East Area Rapist." In March of 1977, a series of phone calls were received by the Sacramento Sheriffs Office by someone stating: "I am the East Side Rapist." In December of 1977, Sacramento Police received a taunting call from someone claiming to be the "East Area Rapist." Later that same month a poem titled "Excitement's Crave" was sent to a local newspaper, the Sacramento Mayors Office, and a local TV station, by a person claiming to be the "East Area Rapist."

In February of 1978, the attacks escalated to murder.

On that night a military police officer (Brian Maggiore) and his wife Katie were gunned down while walking their dog. The assaults attributed to the rapist continued until July 1979.

'Original Night Stalker'

In October of 1979, a botched attack was reported to police in Santa Barbara County, more than 300 miles from the east bay area. From October 1979 through July 1981 eleven murders were linked to a suspect. This suspect became known as the "Original Night Stalker." A final murder linked to the stalker took place in May 1986.

'Golden State Killer'

It wasn't until 2001 that police officially connected the "East Area Rapist" to the "Original Night Stalker." In 2011 DNA evidence was used to connect the two cases.

In 2016 the FBI released additional information, coinciding with the announcement of a $50,000 reward. As reported by NBC News, Sacramento Police announced the arrest of 72-year old Joseph DeAngelo today in connection with the case. At this time, he has been charged with two counts of murder in the first-degree. In a press conference today, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said DeAngelo is a former officer, having served in two different California police departments.

Modus operandi

During the time of the bay area attacks, the suspect was known to have not only taunted law enforcement, but to have also called previous victims with threats of future attacks. One of the telltale clues that linked the two cases was the use of a diamond knot. The killer often tied his victims with twine or chord.

In both cases, police reported that the victims were bound using a distinctive diamond knot.

The poem

Here is an excerpt from the East Area Rapist's 1977 poem "Excitement's Crave":

"Jessie James" has been seen by all,

And "Son of Sam" has an author.

Others now feel temptations call.

Sacramento should make an offer.