The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 4 reveal a new theory about Jessica Parker Kennedy's character in the show. Kennedy takes up the role of a mysterious girl who often pops up whenever Barry Allen, Iris West, or Team Flash is around. She first made an appearance at Barry and Iris wedding during the "Crisis on Earth X" crossover, leading comic book fans to believe that she could be Dawn Allen, their daughter from the future.

There is also a new trailer for Episode 21 which featured Team Flash recruiting Amunet Black to fight this season's main antagonist, Clifford DeVoe a.k.a.

The Thinker.

Is Mystery girl not Barry and Iris's daughter?

Initially speculated to be the daughter the daughter of Barry and Iris, the clues on the mysterious girl's clues have revealed itself during the ending scenes of the show. She knew about Barry's Speed Force writings and she exhibited speedster powers during episode 20.

However, Screenrant explained another theory that could debunk the girl's parentage to Barry and Iris as they theorized that she could be the unborn daughter of Joe West and his girlfriend, Cecille Hornton. There evidence that the mystery girl visited Cecille during her baby shower party and gave her gifts. She also deduced that Cecille will give birth after 21 days and then runs off to the corner after Iris shows up.

While comic book fans are debating whether this could be a possibility, Joe's baby could be a metahuman since Cecille exhibited mind reading powers during her pregnancy and Caitlin Snow deduces that her powers will wear off after the baby is delivered.

Executive producer Todd Helbing stated in a previous interview that the girl is a puzzle that fans have yet to solve.

He explained that some fans are close to solving it, but they are actually haft-right, and questions are getting harder with each revelation.

Recruiting a villain

The episode 21 will see Barry Allen and Team Flash trying to convince Amunet Black to help them to stop Clifford DeVoe from activating his Enlightenment Machine to take over the whole world.

Caitlin revealed that Amunet is immune to DeVoe's power making her the only being capable of defeating him. Amunet is the second main antagonist of the show and she has been fighting Team Flash on numerous occasions.

The latter also has a rivalry with Caitlin's alter-ego Killer Frost, which makes things more complicated. The episode also sees Harrison Wells being kicked out of the Council of Wells, as Cisco Ramon helps him by joining the Council of Harrisons.