Puppet-comedian Randy has experienced more success than most humans can ever dream of. He has headlined for Neil Patrick Harris in Montreal, Canada. He starred in his very own Netflix series. He was even nominated for an Emmy—or the equivalent thereof—in Australia. Currently, the witty, bald, and purple puppet is in New York, starring in the Off-Broadway show “Randy Writes a Novel.” Given Randy’s track record of success, it comes as absolutely no surprise that his show was just nominated for an Alliance Award in the “Most Unique Theatrical Experience” category.

Randy Writes a Novel” was written, directed, and is being performed by Randy at Theatre Row's Clurman Theatre. Given that Randy’s life experiences include being kidnapped, arrested, married, divorced, and thrown violently from a hovercraft, it is quite extraordinary that the puppet sobered up long enough to write down these experiences in a book. Wanting to test audience reactions to it, Randy is using the theatrical stage as a public reading venue—from which he also frequently delves into dark musings and chaos.

This week, Randy took time out of his hectic existence to discuss his life, his work, and his Off-Broadway debut via an exclusive interview.

Experiences, comedy, and performing

Meagan Meehan (MM): So, Randy, how did you find yourself on stage performing your unique brand of comedy?

Randy: I worked briefly as an electrician in the late nineties, and while doing some emergency repair work on a faulty socket in a theatre lighting grid, I slipped and fell thirty-feet onto the cast of “Cats.” The laughter of the audience was so intoxicating that I started work as a professional comedian the moment I was released on bail.

MM: You have had a very interesting life, to say the least, so how much of your crazy experiences influenced your novel?

Randy: I'm a firm believer that you can only write what you know. As a result, my book is about one man's quest to find the perfect oat to goji berry ratio while maintaining a satisfyingly hearty oatmeal temperature.

MM: You have been a performer for a while, so is it daunting to make the transition into novel writing?

Randy: The writing itself isn't the daunting part. It's the selling that's daunting.

MM: You have been traveling the world performing shows for thirteen years! So, which venues, fan experiences, or media coverage have been the most exciting or memorable?

Randy: A single experience encapsulates them all. Someone (most memorable fan) tried to assassinate me (most exciting fan experience) while doing a press conference (media coverage) at the Sydney Opera House (favorite venue). Luckily, they misfired their blunderbuss and security were able to intervene. The press hailed it as an ingenious publicity stunt, and I'm pretty sure that's what secured me my talk show.

Goals, reactions, and dreams of Broadway

MM: What unique reactions have you gotten from audiences who attend your shows?

Randy: Last night a woman threatened to turn me into a pizza topping. My producer later assured me that this is a traditional New York welcome offering and I should be grateful for the attention.

MM: You are now making your Off-Broadway debut, so would you say this is a career highlight and/or a dream come true?

Randy: This is absolutely a career highlight for me, and I am genuinely honored to join the illustrious ranks of the Off-Broadway stars that have gone before me. It will only be a dream come true, however, if a large goldfish floats out of my mouth mid-performance and starts removing lint from the shoulders of my audience members.

I can't seem to shake that dream; it's quite disturbing.

MM: What are your big goals for the future and is there anything further that you would like to discuss?

Randy: After this season I hope to be embroiled in a career-ending Broadway scandal and while facing deportation, flee across the border to start my new life in Suriname as a breeder of competitive song birds!

* * * * *

“Randy Writes a Novel” was created in conjunction with the Emerging Artists Theater and Red Spear Productions. It runs through June 10, 2018. It is about 75 minutes long and tickets retail for $81.25. To learn more, visit the official website of Theatre Row's Clurman Theatre. Reduced ticket prices are available on Groupon.