Fans will be eager to hear that the CW favorite "The 100" has officially been renewed for its sixth season, a report by Variety has revealed. Despite the show only being two weeks into season 5, the CW has indeed now confirmed that the series will return for yet another upcoming season. The CW has recently expanded their television line-up even further, which sparked discussion amongst audiences about which existing shows would be confirmed to go forth. The main contenders were the network's "iZombie" and "The 100" -- and we are fully able to say that the latter still has quite the future ahead of it.

'The 100' will return for a sixth season

The show, which is based on the book series of the same name by author Kass Morgan, premiered on The CW in March 2014 and quickly attracted quite the large fanbase. Fit with dynamic, complex characters and twisting plots, it's no wonder why so many people took a liking to the show only episodes into its first season. There's no doubt that the love for the series has been pushed even further with the promise of a sixth season, which tells us that we have quite some time yet to experience this thrilling show.

Its debut season recorded an average of 2.59 million viewers for the entirety of the series, whilst its current fifth season has already compiled a total average of 1.23 million viewers.

While there has been a dip in viewers, this may be due to the fact that the series is also now available to watch on online streaming platforms such as Netflix.

Fans are eager for the continuation of the series

"The 100" is a post-apocalyptic series that follows the struggles of a group of teenagers who are sent down to Earth from a spaceship full of the remaining members of humanity.

There's been no lack of drama with the kids having to fight to survive. With season four seeing the group battle against the inevitable demise of Earth -- which was set to be destroyed by radiation -- fans were left wondering what exactly season five could offer. However, the premiere of the current season has already thrown viewers head-first into the action.

With some of the characters living underground and running out of rations, and others stuck in space, unable to return to Earth safely, it's obvious that season five has quite the storyline that has yet to be developed.

The sixth season will likely premiere in 2019

It's safe to assume that the new season will premiere sometime in April 2019. While nothing has been officially confirmed, it is also safe to assume that details will be revealed later this year at San Diego MCM ComicCon where members of the cast will make their regular appearance.

Likewise, it's safe to assume that we're going to be reunited with a lot of familiar faces once again during season six, due to the amount of love that audience members have for the existing characters and the relationships that have been established throughout the past four seasons. With the love that the cast members -- including Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley -- have for the show as well, it's likely that they're completely on board for future seasons.