"The Bachelorette" is just weeks away and ABC has released spoilers for the premiere episode. The network posted a press release this week about what viewers can expect when they tune in. It's a night when contestants pull out all the stops to make their first impression.

Becca Kufrin will be introduced to her cast of 28 men as they arrive in limos at the famous mansion. The 27-year-old will slay in a glitzy gown as each guy does their best to capture her attention. Who's going to be the most outlandish and the most romantic in the premiere episode?

ABC spilled a few details to get viewers excited about the show.

Former Bachelorettes offer advice

According to ABC's press release, Episode 1401 will feature former Bachelorettes Rachel Lindsay, JoJo Fletcher, and Kaitlyn Bristowe on-hand to offer Becca advice and support. At the end of their discussion, the four toast to Becca's "bright future."

Meet and greet surprises

Becca Kufrin will first be greeted by Chris Harrison then limos "filled with anxious eligible bachelors" will arrive to meet her. One of the men does his best to be unforgettable by getting on one knee and asking her to marry him. If that's not memorable enough, another man isn't bashful about expressing his desire for fatherhood!

He nixes the idea of showing up in a limo and boldly parks a minivan full of soccer balls, a child safety seat, and snacks in the driveway. The antic will either scare off Becca or endear him to her. Talk about taking a major risk.

ABC's release also says that an adventure lover shows up riding an ox, someone else arrives in a chicken suit, and a "confident entrepreneur" goes the distance when he brings with him an "entire gospel choir to serenade" Becca.

The battle for private time

Becca is swept off her feet by the cast, but a very forward bachelor soon starts the competition for one-on-one time with Becca. The rest of the guys soon "scramble" to do their best to get some private time with her as well.

When Harrison brings out the first impression rose, her suitors are under even more pressure to get noticed.

Apparently, two contestants throw allegations at each other, with one of them accusing the other in front of Becca that his intentions for being on the show are wrong.

A familiar face shows up

An awkward moment emerges when Kufrin remembers meeting one of the guys in Minnesota. She'll be faced with a hard choice when she must decide whether she should keep him around or eliminate him on the first night. Fans get to see how quickly Kufrin thinks on her feet on the first night of her journey to find real love.

Rose ceremony

At the end of the premiere episode, Becca will have 21 suitors remaining. A spate of romantic and exotic dates await her. Who's going to be around for the long haul in season 14?

A common theme exists in a few areas for the first episode. A familiar face showing up during the meet and greet is nothing new, crazy costumes are the new norm, and arriving in or on anything other than a limo has been a trend for a while. It definitely mixes things up and keeps things interesting!

ABC revealed in the press release that season highlights of "The Bachelorette" will be released at a later date. Soon the studio will release the official cast list as well. The show premieres on Monday, May 28 at 8 PM, ET/PT on ABC.