On Wednesday’s episode of “General Hospital” Port Charles residents were dealing with the aftermath of a shocking revelation. Valentin Cassadine had been hiding the identity of Anna and Faison’s son. Finding out that he had been walking among them using an alias caused anger and disbelief. One of the last people to find out that Peter August is actually Henrik Faison was Maxi and she did not take the news well. The man who stood by her side during her pregnancy and delivered her son on the side of the road was responsible for Nathan’s death. A day that should have been joyous, ended up filled with sorrow and pain.

Port Charles residents are in disbelief

Nina cannot believe that Valentin has deceived her once more. She is outraged that Henrick has been working with her every day at Crimson and she had no idea. Lulu is shocked that the man she has been investigating was right under her nose all the time. Anna is sorrowful because she believes she set everything in motion by giving her son up for adoption. Maxi is the last to find out Peter’s true Identify.

The men in Port Charles were also expressing frustration with the reveal of Henrik’s true identity. Dante lit into his wife because Lulu placed her trust in Peter while he had reservations all along. Robert was worried for Anna and anxious to take his prisoner away so the WSB could deal with the man who kidnapped him.

Jason still wants revenge because Peter kept him from his family for five years and Drew needs answers regarding his memory.

The aftershock of the Peter and Henrik reveal

Shocking cannot begin to describe all the emotions going through Port Charles at this time and the fallout will be huge. Nina packed her things and left Valentin which means their marriage could be over.

Maxi will probably never want to look at Peter again because of how he deceived her. Robin must be told about her half-brother and Anna's life is in a shambles right now. This Henrik situation will also cause problems with Lulu and Dante because of all the secrets she kept from her husband.

Arora Media and Crimson will be in flux because all the key players were dupped by Peter August.

Lulu, Nina, Maxi, Sam and Drew will now need to make adjustments. On Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital" some of them already began. When Sam told soon to be ex-husband that Henrik may have the flash drive with his memories, Drew stated that he did not need it because he was going to divest himself of all things, Jason Morgan. This seemed to imply that he wants all memories of his love for Sam erased, so stay tuned to "GH" and find out what happens next.