In the past few episodes that we've seen Annie Suwan on on "90 Day Fiance," the 25-year-old Thai native has always been shy and emotional. Of course, she was always worried about a lot of things back then, like leaving her family and going to America for the first time. Now that she's married and living her American dream, Annie is finally loosening up and showing her funny side!

David & Annie have a funny and awkward discussion

In last Sunday's "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" Season 3 episode, fans saw Annie and David having an interesting discussion over a meal.

David told Annie that his son was planning to stay with them for a while. Annie was apprehensive, but David assured her that his grown son will give them alone time during weekends. For the 25-year-old Annie, this situation was a total buzzkill.

"We will have sex only two times a week," she told her 49-year-old husband. "Because he's here, I will not have sex with you."

In a rather candid confessional, Annie shockingly revealed that she and David are intimate at least five times a week. If her shocking revelation wasn't enough, the reality star even went on to disclose hilarious details about what goes on inside their bedroom! Watch the funny scene below!

"90 Day Fiance" fans are cracking up over Annie's brazen confession.

On Facebook, many are totally digging this new side of the usually timid Thai girl.

"Annie needs to have her own show! I used to think she was a moocher like her husband-mooching off of Chris. She’s too funny and tells it like it is," one fan wrote. Even Paola Mayfield took to Twitter to praise her "90 Day Fiance" co-star.

Pao deals with family guilt

Speaking of Pao, last Sunday's episode showed her emotional trip back to Colombia. The reality star and aspiring model hasn't been home for four years since she married Russ. She's feeling a lot of guilt, especially since her grandma is sick with brain cancer.

After Pao had a tearful talk with her sister, Russ encouraged her to make the trip home. According to TLC, Pao's grandmother hasn't spoken in weeks but miraculously uttered her first words when she saw Pao enter her hospital room.

Azan's visa gets denied

Meanwhile, another highlight of Sunday's "90 Day Fiance" episode was Nicole and Azan's video chat, when Azan broke the bad news that his K1 visa got denied. According to the Moroccan, he needed more paperwork so he could be re-evaluated. Nicole was visibly upset and she got even more frustrated when her mom, who was listening to their phone conversation, threw in a shady comment.

"So he has to get another paper," Nicole's mom muttered. "A.K.A. send more money!"

Nicole admitted in a confessional that she's currently supporting Azan financially because he's jobless in Morocco. But the 21-year-old single mom insisted that she's doing it all for love.

"For me, I can't put a price on being with someone I want to marry forever," she concluded.

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"90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" Season 3 airs every Sunday at 8 PM on TLC.