Scheana Marie made it clear during the sixth season of "Vanderpump Rules" that she was completely head over heels in love with Robert Parks-Valletta. She even frequently took aim at her past marriage to Mike Shay and compared the two relationships. However, during Monday night's new episode of the show (May 7), she will be seen taking aim at the actor for leaving her as she praises her ex-husband for always sticking by her, despite the circumstances seen on the Bravo TV reality series.

In a sneak peek clip of the three-part reunion, Scheana is seen addressing a comment made by the reality star in which she claimed she was actually thinking about Rob on her and Mike's wedding day -- and throughout her marriage.

"The day I got married, one of my bridesmaids who knew Rob and I's past relationship had said something that made me think of him and I did think of him that day. He crossed my mind. It was always kind of one of those 'what ifs.'"

Scheana's co-stars are still annoyed by her 'Robsession'

Scheana Marie was then asked by host Andy Cohen how she and Rob first met. In turn, she went into detail about how they first met and shared their first kiss at Disneyland. "Can we do the first version of this? I feel like I'm on the magic Disney ride," Lisa Vanderpump interjected. "Are you feeling like 'wrap it up,'" Lala Kent asked.

"It was a very off and on thing," Scheana continued. "Different places at different times," she explained.

Scheana's co-stars accused Rob of cheating

"That was the moment [Robert Parks-Valletta] pulled away," Scheana Marie recalled.

While Scheana began crying at that point over the end of her relationship with Rob last August, she seemed to be equally upset by the comments she made comparing the actor to her former husband. "I never, ever meant to discredit [Mike Shay] because he was amazing and the thing about Shay was, he had my back for all five seasons," she admitted.

"Even when he thought I threw him under the bus, I put his addiction out there and I did all of this, he never left me because of the show."

Scheana slams Rob for 'calculated' breakup

"It was about two weeks after we wrapped and that's where I, and like Lala Kent, Ariana Madix, Brittany, and I, I'm like, 'Is this like a calculated move?'" Scheana wondered.

"It was like, 'Did you just stay with me to finish filming the show because you didn't want me to have a storyline of another breakup and have to deal with that?' Okay, thank you. I think."

"Manipulation at its finest!" Kristen Doute exclaimed.