"B&B" spoilers from Soaps She Knows indicate that the Logan women will be preparing for Liam and Hope's wedding on Thursday and Friday. It's possible, however, that the marriage may never take place. There are too many loose ends and secrets that might unravel all the plans. Brooke is trying to rush her daughter down the aisle because she believes this is the time that "LOPE" will work out. Donna will even come to town to help but the deck is stacked against this couple and by Monday everything could unravel. There are extended family members who have information that could turn this day into a nightmare for all concerned.

The Logan women may have their bubble burst

Brooke is using this situation to one-up Taylor because of the way the two women went back and forth years ago between Ridge. She is also determined that the love triangle will conclude with Liam marrying her daughter instead of reconciling with Steffy. Hope is not thinking straight and wants to tie the knot with her man ASAP. Ridge keeps telling them that his son in law was ready to reconcile with Steffy and something changed Liam's mind. He has been warning his wife and stepdaughter that they are moving too soon and should find out what is going on.

Brooke and her daughter believe Ridge is simply looking out for Steffy and will not stop their plans.

On Wednesday Steffy also tried to get Liam to wait to marry Hope after the baby was born but he refused. The Logan women are being stubborn and missing all the warning signs. It's possible that their bubble may be burst once the entire truth is revealed. Hope's fairytale wedding may never take place.


Justin, Wyatt, and Kaite know that Dollar Bill staged the scene to look as if he and Steffy are still sleeping together. Any of the three could be overcome with guilt and reveal the truth and stop the wedding.

Ridge knows Bill did something dastardly, but can't prove it. He may find out or he might simply object when Carter asks if anyone has just cause to stop the nuptials. Liam might decide he should not get married until his baby is born or Steffy stops the ceremony herself.

Soaps She Knows teases that Wyatt is going to talk to his brother alone before the wedding but it's not clear what he is going to say.

He may tell all or change his mind at the last minute Stay tuned to find out whether or not Hope gets the future she desires. The Logan women can be seen on "The Bold and the Beautiful' weekday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. EST on ABC.