My Boy Jack is the horse to watch in the 2018 Kentucky Derby, according to the guests on the 'Fox & Friends' show Friday morning. This is a "baby" compared to most of the horses and believe it or not, this horse came to its owner for the cost of only $20,000. That is just a pittance compared to the price paid for some of the horses running in the Kentucky Derby.

Janice Dean goes to the races

Janice Dean from 'Fox & Friends' is on the grounds of the Kentucky Derby this weekend and she offered up a live broadcast on Friday morning with some of the experts around the track.

According to the Lexington Herald, if you don't think a long shot can win the Kentucky Derby then "you don't know Jack."

Janice Dean talked with the people who manage My Boy Jack on the grounds in Kentucky Friday morning. They are confident that this horse will perform well when it comes to the big race this weekend.

The price paid for this horse is making headline news today, as racehorses often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. My Boy Jack cost less than most new cars do today.

To put My Boy Jack's original purchase price in perspective, seven of the horses running the Kentucky Derby this year cost their owners more than $400,000.

The top purchase price of all the horses in the 2018 Kentucky Derby is $3 million.That is what the horse Mendelssohn was purchased for.

Bargain price horse

So what makes this bargain-priced horse such a hopeful for the Kentucky Derby winner circle? It is how this youngster performed in all the races that brought him to the Kentucky Derby.

He just about made the qualifying criteria, putting him as a long shot with the bookies to win. That changes when the racing experts watch him perform.


My Boy Jack comes out of the number 10 spot and the odds this horse is carrying are 30-1, according to the New York Times. The Expert's picks are noted in the Times with Joe Drape predicting a win for Bolt d' Oro, followed by My Boy Jack in second place, with third place going to Noble Indy.

Melissa Hoppert's picks are without My Boy Jack. She sees Good Magic winning with Justify and Hofburg following in second and third place. The Los Angeles Times suggests that My Boy Jack could "sneak into the Kentucky Derby winner's circle." And they believe he could do this "virtually unnoticed."

The Los Angeles Times suggests that My Boy Jack seems to be overlooked with his odds at 30-1 on the morning line, but something is happening along the track. On Friday, My Boy Jack has started a buzz among the people on ground zero for the Kentucky Derby.

Longshot starts a buzz around the track

Some race observers are watching this horse, who has now ranked 10th in a few of the national polls revealed.

He ranked second in the Times poll, which was done by Jon White. Keith Desormeaux, My Boy Jack's trainer, is making his third consecutive trip to the Kentucky Derby.

Last Year he had Sonneteer in the Kentucky Derby, a horse that finished in the 16th spot. The year before that it was second place with Exaggerator, who also went on to win the Preakness.