A few months ago, Jamie Lee Curtis revealed that she was returning to Haddonfield, Illinois to finish one of the biggest chapters of her life. For "Halloween" fans, this was a welcomed news. Curtis, who has starred in almost every movie made after the original John Carpenter flick from 1978, has never been able to finish her dangerous relationship with her psychotic brother, Michael Myers. He continues to return even though writers have tried to kill him off several times. But Curtis is now revealing that Halloween 2018 is the final chapter for her and could be the final chapter for the entire franchise.

When Jamie Lee Curtis announced she was returning to the franchise, hardcore "Halloween" fans were super excited. Immediately, the expectations were high as Curtis hadn't been the focus of a "Halloween" film for years. Now, new pictures are starting to surface on Twitter, which could give fans an idea of what to expect. The photo shared on Twitter does look like an official poster, but the "Helloween" gives it a fan-made appeal.


The photo was shared by a Twitter account called Michael Myers, an account that is a clear fan page for the "Halloween" franchise. The photo could be a poster for the upcoming flick, showing Michael Myers in a neighboorhood that could be Haddonfield, Illinois.

Of course, throughout the first couple of movies, Myers killed many of his victims in Haddonfield. In the photo, tombstones are seen along the street.

Michael Myers is also seen in the middle of the road, but half of his body is blowing away.

If this is an official photo of the movie, this could foreshadow that he will finally be killed by his sister. For years, Jamie Lee Curtis' character has tried to kill her brother, but he has always managed to get away.

Very little is known

Right now, Jamie Lee Curtis and the production team have revealed very little about this upcoming movie.

The release date is set for October 2018 and one can expect that it will be close to Halloween. However, no details have leaked in terms of the plot. To go full circle, one can hope that the writers will take the plot back to Haddonfield, Illoins, so Laurie Strode can confront her past. Plus, hardcore fans may hope for a more original storyline that mirrors the first two "Halloween" movies compared to those later in the franchise, such as "Halloween: Ressurection."

What do you think about the new photo? Do you think this foreshadows what happens to Michael Myers?