Harvey Weinstein, already facing charges of sexual assault on two women, is now having to battle three more sexual assault charges that have been brought forth by the state due to a third victim, according to ABC News. An updated federal indictment was introduced to Weinstein on June 2.

Weinstein is facing extra charges of sexual assault on a third victim

The powerful movie producer is now facing six felony charges, which could give him the sentence of life in prison, according to The Washington Post. These accusations started when Lucia Evans decided to make public the encounters she had faced when she was attending what she thought was a casting meeting.

Lucia Evans claimed that Harvey Weinstein forced her into performing oral sex on him.

According to the Washington Post, Weinstein had already been indicted through Manhattan’s Grand Jury for some of the most serious crimes in the New York’s Penal Law and the charges against Weinstein include “rape in the first and third degree.” Manhattan's District Attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr., claimed that the indictments against Harvey Weinstein were only possible through the courage the women had when they reported the crimes.

According to the Washington Post, Harvey Weinstein's case is still under investigation and the Manhattan's District Attorney is encouraging any other victims to come forward while there is still time to pursue the justice needed.

Will there be more accusations by other victims?

It will not be surprising to hear of more accusations against Weinstein, due to there being approximately 40 women who claim to have been sexually assaulted in some way or form by Harvey Weinstein. Some of these women include Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie. Even though there are many women who have claimed to be assaulted by Weinstein, Manhattan prosecutors are going through many cases that fall within the guidelines of the statute of limitations and find the women who would be willing to testify against Weinstein in court.

As Weinstein fights these legal battles, he was also fired from the Weinstein Company, which had to file for bankruptcy and then be sold off. Due to the public believing the women and their stories of sexual assault and misconduct, it has empowered many women to come forward instead of keeping quiet about the sexual issues that are taking place in many workplaces and not just in the film industry.