There was an agreement signed while in Singapore between both leaders during the summit that pledged to end the war games. The beginning of peace is in progress between countries.

The results of the summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un

According to Yahoo News, Trump informed the North Korean leader, that all United States military exercises would come to an end, without telling the Pentagon or any other allies first. They also report that Trump is intent on pulling American troops from the DMZ. If Kim Jong-un does as he promises with denuclearization, he still has large amounts of chemical and biological weapons.

It does not help that the North Korean leader also has an army of roughly 1.2 million soldiers, who have enough firepower to destroy South Korea if there were to ever be any kind of conflict that arose between the two countries.

An agreement was signed by both leaders

As progress is being made, Trump will maintain the sanctions that are currently in effect. There was an agreement that was signed while in Singapore between leaders during the summit, which pledged to end the war games. After the document was signed, there was an invitation between leaders to visit the capitals of one another. On his way home, Trump could not help but tweet about his meeting with the North Korean leader, claiming it to be a historical moment.

Donald Trump made the headlines in the North Korean newspaper

According to ABC News, Rodong Sinmun (the newspaper for North Korea) displayed Trump and Kim Jong-un’s picture on the front page.

The picture was of the two shaking hands with a headline which read “A summit meeting of the century that pioneered a new history in DPRK-US relations” according to Yahoo News. North Korea's newspaper claimed that denuclearization was not an issue and praises were given due to Trump and Kim Jong-un being able to get along so well.

This subject in the newspaper contained 33 photos and was four pages long.

Kim Jong-un enjoyed Trump's enthusiasm to compromise

Kim Jong-un praised President Trump for being open to finding a resolution that would work for both countries. The Rodong Sinmun newspaper said that there is belief between both leaders that the hostility can be overcome while both countries end up becoming beneficial for one another. According to Rodong Sinmun newspaper, North Korea's leader said that in order to have peace and stability, both countries will have to stop antagonizing each other and come to a mutual understanding.