Katy Perry has definitely spent time in personal, spiritual reflection recently. The pop princess had a papal audience with beau, Orlando Bloom, and her mother just days ago, and was regally angelic in her gigantic wings at the Met Gala. Katy Perry's pensive meditations in the Spirit likely were the inspiration for prompting the singer to make another effort in making peace with Taylor Swift, and sometimes, the simple, direct approach works best.

A handwritten note above a graceful, real, olive branch provoked the first redemptive reply from Taylor Swift since the sniping started years back between the musical contemporaries.

Taylor Swift accused Katy Perry of the highest form of professional betrayal, insisting that three of the dancers from Taylor's “Red” Tour were lured to join Katy’s Prismatic tour in support of her “Prism” album, released in 2013. To make matters worse, one of the dancers, Lockhart Brownile, confirmed that the move was indeed true, but the blame was not all on Katy Perry, as he confessed, “We weren't really dancing on Taylor's tour, and I was a little bored.”

Sadly, the ladies who possess such gifts of putting the perfect words to verse could never come to a simple meeting of the minds over a heart-to-heart chat. As she is wont to do, Swift put her “done me wrong” feelings to a song with “Bad Blood” in 2015, making certain that the world got the word that Taylor was “sabotaged” by Perry.

The video for the omnipresent hit hammered home the optics that an army of Taylor Swift’s famous gal pals and supporters were coming for Katy Perry. Perry took to Twitter to warn of “the Regina George in sheep's clothing,” referring to Swift as the “Mean Girls” nemesis.

As reported in today's (May 9) issue of The Guardian, and numerous other sources, Katy Perry went for the personal approach one more time in reaching out to Taylor Swift, and the olive branch literally touched the songwriter's heart.

Maybe now, neither of the stars will see a need to be “Mean,” as Swift’s song chides.

Peacemaker mode

Katy Perry has been in peacemaker mode for some time, and despite her frolicking, fun side so often on display in her duties as “American Idol” 2018 judge, (and sometimes an inadvertent peek at her backside, too), she has never lost her grounding in faith inbred from her two minister parents.

She has been very open about her personal journey, from the missteps to finding healing, and even finding the joy of puppies. She has shared rolling video diaries with fans. Fans can attest that Taylor is very gracious, too, but usually only to select groups in certain settings, and she is very private when it comes to personal issues, except for the ones she writes about in her lyrics.

Katy Perry has kept her focus on living out faith as a lifestyle even as the one surviving nun in the convent she purchased with permission of the Vatican has judged the singer “far away from any faith” in unforgiving terms. Perry’s address before the Pontifical Council on Culture in support of Unite to Cure stressed exemplifying faith in daily expressions and actions, and she particularly praised Pope Francis for his compassion and inclusiveness.

Simple and sweet

Taylor Swift displayed the top part of the note from Katy Perry, complete with the puppy on the envelope flap, in her Instagram post emblazoned with “Thank you Katy” Perry words conveyed that she had been doing “some reflecting on past miscommunication and hurt feelings” between herself and Swift.

Katy poured her heart out to James Corden, sitting on his couch last year, but until now, no positive headway with making a difference.

The private parts are kept discreet, but Taylor received the healing message loud and clear, closing with, “This means so much to me.”

The special delivery arrived at Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona just in time for Swift’s opening of her Reputation tour.

Now might be the best time to remember that Katy Perry wrote “I Kissed a Girl” and also “By the Grace of God.” Both tunes might have their own meanings for these creative talents in mending tensions.