Author John Green is no stranger to having his books greenlit for debut on the big screen with the production of previous films based on his books “Paper Towns” and “The Fault In All Stars.” Recently, it’s been revealed that his latest BookTurtles All The Way Down” has also been given the go-ahead to be developed into a movie by Fox which doesn’t come as all that much of a surprise given the love that it gathered throughout the book community. However, it’s now been confirmed that his older novel “Looking For Alaska” is finally coming to television 13 years after its initial publication.

Hulu has picked up the 8 episode limited series

At this moment in time, what we know is that the on-demand service Hulu is in the process of finalizing a deal to produce an eight-episode limited series based on the 2005 young-adult novel. The television network is currently in talks with production companies Paramount Television and Fake Empire regarding the creation of the series.

Looking For Alaska” follows the story of Miles Halter who is tired of living his life safe at home in his usual daily routine. With the famous last words of poet Francois Rabelais in mind, he goes off in search of his own ‘Great Perhaps.’ He finds himself thrust into the world of Culver Creek Boarding School and is met with much more than he initially expected.

He finds his new life is anything but safe after coming face to face with Alaska Young, a gorgeous, self-destructive, and somewhat loose-cannon of a girl. She grabs the attention of Miles and throws him head first into her world, only for him to fall heads over heels and, in yet another turn of heart-breaking events, nothing is ever the same.

The book quickly went on to rack up quite the audience interest throughout young-adult readers, which is definitely not surprising as a work of John Green. However, it received the most attention after the debut of Green’s novel “The Fault In Our Stars” film adaptation which went on to generate a box office revenue profit of 2,460 percent.

Schwartz will act as the showrunner for the series

Josh Schwartz, who was the television producer behind the series “The O.C.,” has been aiming to get the book brought to television for years after initially reading the manuscript for the novel in 2005. The then-Paramount Pictures boss Gail Berman purchased the rights for Schwartz to write a feature based on the story, though the production has now been moved to the Paramount television division. The project was initially shelved, though the word of its development into a series was reignited after the success of Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars” adaptation.

Responsible for writing the pilot for the upcoming series, Schwartz will act as the executive producer and showrunner for the adaptation.

His cofounder of Fake Empire Productions, Stephanie Savage, will also act as executive producer alongside John Green himself.

It’s only just been confirmed that the book will likely be coming to television screens, so we don’t know any further details regarding the production dates or the cast members that may be involved. However, Hulu has recently received a large amount of success after taking on more book adaptation productions such as “The Handmaiden’s Tale.” If the success of it's current adaptations have anything to say for it, we expect they’re going to be having quite the high hopes for the series when it finally goes into production and airs sometime in the next year or so. With John Green having such a large fan base, we don’t doubt there will be plenty of eager audience members excited to see how the portrayal of the book pans out.