Jada Pinkett Smith had admitted she has a problem and it is making her very nervous. Jada recently opened up about an issue that really bothers her, one that bothers a lot of women. She is losing her hair according to People. Jada also admitted that is one of the reasons she has been wearing so many head wraps lately. Well, that and she likes the way they look. Smith was very open about her issues with hair loss, even though it is not easy to discuss. The wife of actor Will Smith and mom of Jaden and Willow stated so many people have been asking her why she has been wearing turbans so much lately?

Why is she losing her hair?

The actress stated that she is battling alopecia, a skin disease that causes hair loss. The actress went on to talk about just how very scary it was when she first started noticing the hair loss. Jada stated she was taking a shower one day and washing her hair when she discovered she had handfuls of hair in her hands. "Oh my god, am I going bald?" This was the first thought that entered her mind. She claims she attempted to cover up the hair loss by cutting her hair fairly short, and that is also why she keeps it that way.

Pinkett Smith went on to explain that to her, her hair was a big part of who she is. She claims she has always enjoyed taking care of her hair, changing up styles and just expressing herself.

Jada talked freely about how she began seeing many specialists and despite numerous tests, they still have not come up with any answers as to why this happens to some people, Some thought that perhaps stress may have been the culprit. She adds that after some time she has now begun to look at things differently and on a spiritual level. Now she believes that with all the other serious illnesses in the world such as cancer that this is next to nothing compared to what others must face.

Feeling 'like a queen'

She also adds she likes the way she looks with a hair wrap, adding it makes her feel "like a queen." She also now realizes that it is not the hair that makes the woman, it is what is on the inside. A lesson that many could stand to learn in all ventures of life. As for her husband Will Smith, he loves her shorter hairstyle and continues to remain her biggest supporter.

I have to credit Jada for coming out and discussing such a personal matter. After all, she could have kept her secret well hidden under wigs, turbans, and hats for many years. Hopefully, Jada Pinkett Smith's attitude on hair loss will help other women facing the same issues cope a little easier.