Zazie Beetz has been gaining a lot of attention recently with her role of Domino in “Deadpool 2” and the actress has shined some light on her thoughts on the continuation of Donald Glover's “Atlanta” – in which she stars as Van. Likewise, Donald Glover has recently been sparking quite a bit of discussion lately with his recent hosting of "SNL" and the release of his new single “This Is America.” With forthcoming plans for “Atlanta” to finally be premiered in the U.K., it’s not all that much of a surprise that there’s little doubt the show will continue.

The show is likely to be renewed for season three

Atlanta” follows the story of the main character, Earn – who is portrayed by Donald Glover himself – as he becomes increasingly involved in Atlanta’s rap scene. He finds himself acting as the manager for his up-and-coming rapper cousin Alfred who’s ready to do whatever it takes to push his career further up the ranks. Though, as the pair gain more attention, writing rap songs becomes somewhat the least of their problems as they come face to face with social and economic issues. The show first premiered on FX in 2016 and quickly gained a lot of audience attention due to its frank and yet refreshing look at discrimination issues regarding race, status, and poverty.

Whilst nothing has yet been confirmed by the cast or crew involved in the production of the show, it has been released that the showrunners, writers, and producers have been planning a third season. In a recent interview with, Beetz explained how, whilst a continuation of the show hasn’t been officially announced, there are plans to push the series forward.

She went on to explain that she doesn’t know how much of it has yet been written, but she knows that there’s been a lot of talk about the progression of the storylines. Specifically, she noted that she’s been in contact with the creator, writer, and star of the show, Donald Glover, to discuss the future direction of her own character.

Filming will likely begin in January 2019

There’s been quite a lot of audience speculation regarding the renewal of the show for a third season, despite the amount of love that its continuously received from fans. The series, which has an impressive and near-perfect rating of 98 percent on RottenTomatoes, was created and written by Donald Glover in 2016. However, with Glover getting involved in larger productions, fans are questioning whether he’s going to have enough time to put aside to work on the show. It’s clear that the young actor and musician has quite a lot on his plate already with his forthcoming roles in “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and “The Lion King," not to mention the additional focus on his music career as Childish Gambino.

However, it’s clear that the cast and crew alike have a lot of love for the series and it would be a shock if Glover didn’t have plans for another season.

In the earlier interview with, Beetz also expressed her love for the project and explained that the crew have really formed “a small community” that feels more like a family. If that is anything to go by, fans can rest easy knowing that it doesn’t seem like the cast involved have plans to end the series any time soon.

'Atlanta' is now also airing in the U.K.

As if the show didn’t receive enough attention from U.S. audiences, the series is now also being aired in the U.K. on the channel BBC Two. If anything, this somewhat further consolidates the idea of the show being renewed for a third season as the ratings are only expected to rise once the show reaches a new demographic.

Donald Glover has been known to use his platform to shed light on tough but important subjects, and it’s clear that he’s exactly the type of talent that we need. Despite the third season of the show still hanging in the air, we can take comfort in the fact that the creator isn’t going to be letting go without putting up a fight.