The latest updates and spoilers for "Deadpool 2" reveal a possible and impressive post-credits scene in the movie. Comic book fans who have attended the early screening teased that sequel will have a post-credits scene that may shock everyone who has watched it and it is a must-see event.

"Logan" star Hugh Jackman has confirmed that he is not interested in a Deadpool/Wolverine crossover project during an interview with Good Morning America. The sequel's star Ryan Reynolds has been adamant about having this crossover project come true and wanted Jackman to be a part of it, but it seems that the latter declined the offer.

A 'must-see' post-credits scene?

Fans and movie-goers who have watched the early screening of "Deadpool 2" claimed that the post-credits scene is awesome and people should really wait and see it. While the description of the scene has not yet revealed thanks to Ryan Reynolds hilarious parody of no spoilers letter from "Avenger: Infinity War," the scene could set-up the live-action "X-Force" movie project which featured Wade Wilson and Cable as leaders of the mutant black-ops team.

For now, the sequel will feature Wade Wilson trying to save a mutant kid named Russell from Cable, MRD, and an unknown third party who wants to exploit his powers. Cable is after the kid for an unknown reason, but it might have something to do with his future timeline.

Feeling desperate, Wade with the help of his best friend Weasel recruits a team of mutant mercenaries to help him protect Russell from harm. The team is consist of Domino, Bedlum, Shatterstar, Zeistgeist, and Peter. X-Men members Colossus and Nega Sonic Teenage Warhead are also there to support Wade in his adventures.

No crossover film

Hugh Jackman told Good Morning America that he is not interested to do a crossover film with his friend and he feels that it is not the right time to return as Logan in the "X-Men" film franchise.

"I might have a little message for Ryan. I love you, man. I love Deadpool. I can't wait to see the movie. You're one of my best friends," Jackman said.

"Blake [Lively], the fam, the whole thing. Back it up a little. Play a little hard to get. It's too much; it's not sexy."

Reynolds told Entertainment Weekly in a previous interview that "Logan" will not hinder his chances of doing a crossover with Wolverine, but was adamant that Jackman will return to play the character. The "Greatest Showman" actor retired his iconic role last year and it will be a long time for fans to see him with adamantium claws soon.