Could Lisa Rinna be ready to say "goodbye" to her "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" co-stars after filming four seasons of the Bravo TV reality show? Earlier this week, after the third installment of the three-part reunion special for season eight concluded, Rinna took to her Twitter page and said that she was well-aware that if she were to return to the show for season nine, she will "get hammered."

"You know if I were to come back next season I’ll get Hammered," Rinna tweeted. "Don’t think that’s lost on me folks." Right away, Rinna's audience suspected the former soap star was considering leaving the show and begged for her to stay.

Others said that they wouldn't even watch the show if Rinna wasn't a part of it.

Lisa Rinna joined the cast of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" during the show's fifth season after both Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia failed to have their contracts renewed. At the time Rinna came aboard, fellow soap star Eileen Davidson was also added and right away, the two women bonded over their similar pasts.

Is Lisa Rinna just messing with her Twitter followers?

After causing her fans on Twitter to go into hysterics at the thought of her leaving "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Rinna returned to social media and told her audience, "I like to get you all wound up." However, she didn't say what her second tweet was in reference to and has yet to confirm or deny whether or not she will be returning to Bravo TV for season 11.

Although there is certainly a possibility that Rinna has had enough of the drama, she's also been quite vocal about saying "yes" to all of the money-making opportunities she's presented with. As some may recall, Rinna promoted adult diapers years ago and did so with pride. In fact, she bragged about being paid to promote the items during a reunion special for "Real Housewives" years ago.

Lisa Rinna was nicer during 'RHOBH' season 8

After being caught in the middle of the majority of the drama during her first few seasons on the show, Lisa Rinna took out a new lease on life and decided to set a better example for her two young daughters, Delilah and Amelia. As she explained, she wants to raise strong, reasonable young women and doesn't want them to see her causing unnecessary fights with her co-stars. While some have enjoyed seeing a softer side to Rinna, other viewers of the show have expressed their frustration with her new demeanor, claiming her former self was more fun to watch.