Bryan Craig played the role of Morgan Corinthos on General Hospital from 2013 to 2016 and spoilers via the previews have revealed that he is popping back up again on Wednesday's show. What is known at this point about Craig's return?

The 'General Hospital' actor has wanted to return

As “General Hospital” viewers know, Morgan Corinthos supposedly died in a car bombing in October 2016, but his body was never found. At the time, Bryan Craig had decided that he was ready to leave the soap and pursue other opportunities. Since then, however, he has noted multiple times that he would love to return to “GH” to play Morgan again.

Viewers have been speculating for months now that Morgan would return to Port Charles alive since Corinthos' body never found. There was even speculation at the time of Steve Burton's return that the mysterious Patient 6 could be Morgan. However, despite Craig's interest in returning, the show never pursued the storyline. Now Bryan is returning, but it looks like it's just for a quick appearance at this point.

Craig's return is tied to a special Maura West episode

“General Hospital” spoilers detail that Wednesday's show will focus entirely on Ava Jerome, played by Maura West. Craig's return flew under the radar until the preview for the next episode aired and Bryan popped up at the end of the clip.

The actor confirmed via Twitter that he would be back and his fans are thrilled.

Craig's fan base would love to see the actor return to play Corinthos on an ongoing basis. As ABC Soaps in Depth details, however, Bryan reportedly isn't interested in returning in a contracted commitment. The “General Hospital” actor wants the flexibility to pursue other projects, and he has kept fairly busy since his soap departure in 2016.

'GH' fans are anxious to see Craig's brief return

From the looks of things, Craig's “General Hospital” return on Wednesday will be in the form of a hallucination or vision where he comes back to confront Ava for her part in his apparent death. Spoilers via She Knows Soaps notes that this episode will follow Ava as she heads into surgery and she is seen facing all of the people she has wronged over the years.

Will Bryan Craig's cameo leave “General Hospital” fans feeling more anxious than ever for the character of Morgan Corinthos to return from the dead? Can the soap recast the role in the future and win over fans? The door seemingly remains open on this front and viewers will be anxious to see where things head next.