Things have been wild lately onGeneral Hospital and spoilers tease that Monday's episode (Jan. 29) will be an intense one. Nathan West was shot by Cesar Faison while rescuing wife Maxie Jones and their unborn child and now he is in dire shape. Will Nathan pull through or will viewers have to bid farewell to actor Ryan Paevey and the popular pairing of Naxie? The February sweeps period is about to kick into gear and teasers suggest that Nathan and Maxie's heartbreak will be front-and-center over the next few weeks.

The buzz is that Paevey's ready to move on from 'GH'

Rumors have been swirling for a while now that Ryan Paevey is leaving “General Hospital.” Spoilers have seemingly revealed that there will soon be a funeral held for Paevey's character of Nathan, but She Knows Soaps points out that neither the actor or the show have confirmed this supposed exit. The actor has left “GH” before to film other projects, but the buzz is that he may be permanently departing this time. Will the writers leave the door open for a possible return?

Despite the fact that there is apparently a funeral held for Nathan soon, fans speculate that Nathan's death may be faked to try to keep him safe. Faison was also shot and may not survive, but as long as he's alive, Nathan's well-being is clearly at risk.

No solid "General Hospital" spoilers revealing what comes next for Nathan have emerged yet, but the speculation is that everybody in Port Charles will believe that West is truly gone.

'GH' teasers hint that twists and turns are ahead

General Hospital” spoilers from Soap Central detail that at some point this week, Maxie will be breathing a sigh of relief.

That could give Naxie fans a bit of hope and it sounds as if Nathan may initially survive the shooting. However, additional teasers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that Port Charles will be rocked by the death of someone beloved as the February sweeps play out.

It seems unlikely that this death teaser refers to anybody but Nathan, but everybody will have to tune in to see if the show leaves the door open for the possibility that Nathan's death is faked.

Is Ryan Paevey leaving “General Hospital” for good this time and will a pregnant Maxie be left alone and brokenhearted or will this be another temporary break for the actor with a return for Paevey potentially coming down the road?

Fans are anxious about what comes next for Ryan Paevey and his character of Nathan and “General Hospital” spoilers hint that things will be intense and heartbreaking as this storyline plays out.