This week on "General Hospital" it seemed like old times when Spinelli worked his magic and got Sam and Jason together in Switzerland. The three friends had an adventure of intrigue and espionage as if no time had elapsed and the five years of separation had never taken place. After they blackmailed the banker and obtained the conundrum box, JaSam began reflecting on recent events and realized that their buddy Damian had manipulated the situation to throw the couple together. After a long conversation, however, Sam tells her former spouse that she believes despite Spinelli's efforts.

Spinelli manipulates JaSam

When Steve Burton returned to "General Hospital" fans and Port Charles residents alike knew he would be the real Jason Morgan. A majority of both believed he and Sam would end up together because they are soul mates. Executive producer Frank Valenti, however, advised not to jump to any conclusions in terms of who Sam will choose by the end of the 9 month arc. Initially, Sam decided to remain committed to her marriage to Drew but later admitted she still loved Jason. She went out of town to clear her head and this is when Spinelli decided to begin his manipulation.

JaSam works together really well when they are on dangerous missions and the chemistry between them is strong.

Spinelli knew that throwing them together would ignite the spark they both are trying to deny. On Wednesday's episode of "GH," after retrieving the conundrum box and returning to the hotel, Sam and Jason had a heart to heart talk. She acknowledged that the Jackal did his best to reconnect them as a couple but other things led her to believe that fate was also involved.

A JaSam reunion and the end of DreAm may be near

JaSam realized that they had been in the same place and handled the same watch, on the same day, within hours of each other. This is why Sam said that Spinelli had only helped fate along. it looks like at this point that she and Jason may reunite and the end of DreAm is evident.

The fact that Drew and Jim are getting closer also seems to indicate the direction in which the couples on "General Hospital" are headed.

Since his return to Port Charles, Jason has made it clear that he will allow Sam to choose which path her life will take. Drew, on the other hand, cannot accept that she has feelings for both brothers. The chemistry and history between JaSam is stronger than the life that Sam tried to build with Drew. Even so, Frank Valenti has already promised "General Hospital" fans that everything must play out until the end of this storyline. For that reason, the DreAmers should not give up hope just yet.