G-Eazy, who has been previously outspoken about his cocaine use, was arrested at a Stockholm nightclub in Sweden. He was partying with girlfriend Halsey and fellow rapper Sean Kingston when things got out of control. He has been apologetic since the incident. But just what happened?

The arrest

It all started, allegedly, with a fan not understanding that "no" means no. While partying it up in the VIP section of nightclub Solidaritet in Sweden, G-Eazy and his crew were approached by a fan wanting to get photos of the rapper. G-Eazy declined, but the fan persisted.

When the fan started taking photos anyway, one of G-Eazy's crew grabbed the phone and smashed it, TMZ reports. Not surprisingly, the fan flipped out and G-Eazy was quick to join the fight.

The rapper's aim was off on the punch that sealed his fate, and instead of landing on its target it connected with the face of one of the club's security detail. Police got involved soon thereafter. G-Eazy, however, resisted arrest. He reportedly looked rabid and had white powder on his nose. After a body search, police found 1.5 grams of cocaine in his pocket along with a rolled up $100 bill, often used to snort up the drug. It was enough to haul the rapper off to jail on assault, drug possession, and resisting arrest.

News of G-Eazy's use of cocaine does not come shockingly, however. The rapper has been publically admitting to doing cocaine for years. In fact, as recently as January the G-Eazy admitted to doing cocaine with girlfriend Halsey, 23, on a yacht in Miami.

The aftermath

According to a report by PEOPLE, G-Eazy pleaded guilty to all charges and appeared in court looking sincerely remorseful for his actions.

Despite the prosecution (Carl Mellberg) aiming for at least two months of jail time, the rapper's lawyer (Mikael Westerlund) got him off with two years of probation, a fine of 80,000 kronor (roughly $9,000), and restitution to the security guard he punched to the tune of 6,500 kronor (about $810). It helped that G-Eazy cooperated fully with the investigation and was genuinely apologetic about the incident.

According to a courtroom source, he was "feeling terrible" and said he wanted to apologize "several times" and "regretted the whole thing."

The rapper has never been convicted of anything in the United States. With his clean record, the court agreed to release him immediately. It was good news for his fans as walking away as a free man means G-Eazy can finish off his 28 remaining stops for his "Beautiful and Damned" tour. Now a free man, G-Eazy is free to leave Sweden and his tour will resume Sunday in Copenhagen.