June 28, 1969. The police raided the Stonewall Inn in New York City, an LGBT bar. People fought back and protests kicked off all over the nation, and the world. The LGBTQ+ community has a long and tough history, fighting for equality and facing much discrimination, to this day. Pride was started as a way to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. It was started by activist Marsha P. Johnson, an African-American transgender woman from New Jersey. Now, all around the world, where the LGBTQ+ community advocates and celebrates their pride in their community, Pride celebrations take place.

Here are ten Pride celebrations to plan to attend in the coming years!

1. Ireland

In 1973 the Sexual Liberation Movement happened at Trinity College, Dublin. For the next few decades, LGBT rights and the LGBT community's lives in Ireland went through a lot of change and fought hard for their equality. 2008 brought marriage equality and 2015 Dublin saw it's biggest Pride march ever. Now, the last Saturday of June every year, people in Dublin take to the streets and march in unity, showing a community of strength and love. Dublin's Pride website has a guide for more information on their website. According to the Independent, even Dublin's soccer team is showing their Pride support by wearing an altered uniform on game day with rainbows on it!

2. Italy

In Venice, Pride can be spent with events each day, from parties on the canal to beach cleanups done in full drag with prizes to the best dressed and most trash collected. Rome celebrates on June 9 with a march through the city and parties in the bars and parks. Those in the fashion capital, Milan, can celebrate at the Pride festival at the end of the month!

More information can be found for Pride events in each city on their own websites!

3. Antartica

The perfect excuse to visit Antartica: it's celebrating its first Pride! A party will be hosted at a bar full of food, games, and movies. Pride flags are everywhere and the station of 133 people can hold 1,000. Even the penguins are celebrating, as Earther magazine reported.

4. Japan

According to Japan Times, a pride march and festival will be taking place in Tokyo this year in the city's Harajuku park. Admission is free to the public and there are a number of activities to do all around the festival featuring drag queen personalities and parties!

5. New Zealand

New Zealand celebrates Pride early in February! The Auckland Pride Festival was held from 2 - 18 this year, and featured a glamorous gala, a parade, and a huge party with celebrity guests! There were also films, discussions on various LGBTQ+ matters, book launches, and even fun activities for the kids such as rainbow making! Overall, it was a huge community celebration worth putting on the calendar for next year!

6. Mexico

Mexico City throws a huge and wild fiesta every June for Pride, bringing millions into the capital! The city is filled with a large and diverse LGBTQ+ community all ready to celebrate. In late June a parade is held. It starts at the Angel of Independence and ends with an all-night party in the Zocalo. Throughout the city restaurants, bars, hotels, and other businesses hold special promotions and celebrations of their own for Pride as well!

7. Portugal

In Lisbon, the parades and parties keep going but the city's Pride also boasts a series of special exhibitions the week leading up to the big weekend of the parade. The Lisbon Gay Pride Village hosts a party that goes until four in the morning and features food and live music appearances.

Lisbon's Pride involves a whole lot of partying, but it is combined with political rallies throughout the city. More about the events can be found on their website and Travel websites for the city!

8. England

London's Pride starts in July and it kicks off with a massive parade. The rest of Pride is celebrated with theatre and cabaret shows, tours, exhibitions, self defence classes, dance lessons, and even talent shows! Celebrities judge the big talent show, called Pride's Got Talent. According to The Sun, this year's celebrity host will be pop star Sinitta. Even members of Parliment will be joining in!

9. France

Pride in France is known as Gay Pride and is celebrated at the end of June all over the country.

In fact, Sortir A Paris reported that it is a national event that's goal is to "combat homophobia and advocate pride." The parade is basically a city-wide party featuring floats, music, and pride messages that are even on the radio. The streets are packed as are, of course, the clubs. Even workplaces celebrate with expression in offices. There will also be an event for two weeks which hopes to raise awareness about the LGBTQ+ community by answering questions.

10. Brazil

The city of São Paulo will be celebrating Pride, the first week of June, with both family-friendly event and adults only ones. Milkshake festivals, pool parties, walking tours, and of course the parade on June 3. For the adults, stripper contests, themed parties, drag shows, and more will be taking place as well as numerous dance clubs throughout the city ready to celebrate Pride as well.

The whole world really is celebrating Pride!