derick dillard is under fire yet again for another social media post. The controversial Duggar son-in-law has been slammed in the past for being homophobic because of his attacks on the LGBT community. This time around, people are calling Derick a racist and teaching his young son to hate other people.

On Tuesday, Derick Dillard posted a cute picture of his three-year-old son Israel on Instagram. The toddler was smiling in the photo, proudly displaying how he arranged his building blocks on the floor. However, Derick's caption was way out of line for many people.

'Israel helping Trump build 'The Wall'

While Derick probably meant it to be funny, his caption came across as an insensitive and ignorant remark. Duggar critics immediately slammed the former "Counting On" star for instilling racism and hate to his three-year-old son. Others reminded him how this is a contradicting statement, especially since he and his wife Jill spent years being missionaries in Central America.

"I thought the Christian thing to do was build a longer table, not a higher wall," a netizen commented.

Others stated that Derick's insensitive posts such as this that got him axed out of the Duggars' long-running reality show to begin with. Perez Hilton, an entertainment columnist, and LGBT activist, also took notice of Derick's Instagram post and cried foul.

"People are DYING and you're joking about it. See you in hell!" Perez wrote.

Derick Dillard has not responded to the comments. Early this month, the 27-year-old Christian minister and former reality star's insensitive tweets also reached the attention of Whoopi Goldberg and "The View" hosts. The women blasted Jill Duggar's husband for calling Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent a "travesty of a family" for being in a same-sex marriage.

Is Derick Dillard a Trump supporter?

The Duggar Family is known for being active in politics. In fact, Jim Bob Duggar even served from 1999 to 2002 as a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives under the Republican party.

Derick has made no attempt to hide his political views, either. The most recent blog on his website, entitled "Should Religion Inform Your Politics?" reveals his thoughts on why Christians need to be concerned about political affairs.

He urged his readers to participate in voting, because as he stated, "not voting may be a sin for some people."

During the 2016 elections, Derick proudly stated that he voted for Donald Trump. As Us Weekly reported, Derick clarified that while he didn't necessarily condone Trump's lifestyle, he agreed with his policies more than Hilary Clinton's.

Last year, Derick and his wife Jill took a trip to Washington, DC. While there, the couple toured in the White House and he proudly showed off his new Donald Trump merchandise he got at the gift shop.

What do you think of Derick's newest social media controversy? Do you agree that the former "Counting On" star is spreading hate through his posts? Share your thoughts below!