Carving a sculpture of Donald Trump's face into an Arctic glacier will be quite the massive undertaking starting with the almost $500,000 needed to do this. Once Trump's face is all done up in ice, this gigantic sculpture will start to melt... to prove a point.

A nonprofit group out of Finland is spearheading this project, which is not only a huge endeavor but an icy cold one as well. Trump does not buy into global warming but if his face is sculpted into an artic glacier this may change his mind.

Once his face starts to melt, which will offer up some proof that the climate is changing, he might see it differently.

At least this is the hope behind the project, according to SNews.

Ice not rock

The plans are to fashion the sculpture of Trump after the Mount Rushmore president's busts, which is where the project's name comes in, "Trumpmore." Unlike the sculptures of Trump's predecessors, which are carved in stone, Trump's face will come to life with ice, ice that is expected to melt over time.

The morphing frozen face?

This means once the ice sculpture is done, Trump's image will start morphing due to melting and his face will change due to the global warming, or at least this is what is expected to happen.

The thought behind this is that people will only believe that global warming is happening now if they can see it.

Melting the image of Trump's face and livestreaming the process will be a global demonstration that the group hopes will help with changing the minds of naysayers. The Chairman of Melting Ice, Nicholas Prieto, suggests: "Often people only believe something when they see it with their own eyes."

Not a fan of global warming theory

Trump, who has gone as far as repealing the Clean Power Plane and bowing out of the Paris Climate Agreement, has stated a few times that climate change is fake.

The Melting Ice folks are attempting to change his mind with this huge project that will melt his face or the likeness of it carved into the ice that is melting due to climate change.

The group has turned to crowdsourcing to fund this project, which is projected to cost somewhere around $500,000. They are scouring the sea in the Arctic looking for that perfect glacier that is showing the signs of global warming.

Once that is found and the money is collected, an image of Donald Trump will be carved out of that ice and left to melt over time.

Grab the popcorn and settle in for a while

Not only will the group livestream the head of Trump made out of ice so the world can watch as it melts, but they will also livestream the construction of the sculpture of Trump's face or Trumpmore. So just how big will Trump's face become?

The group is planning on matching the size of Mount Rushmore's presidents' sculptures with Trump's face measuring 115-feet tall and 65-feet wide. Once done, they can sit back and watch the drip, drip, drip of Trump's melting face, to prove a point that is.