Days Of Our Lives” star Greg Vaughan just took home a Daytime Emmy Award for his work as Eric Brady and “DOOL” fans are thrilled. As the cameras caught his reaction to the announcement, some “Days” fans noticed that he had a very beautiful, and seemingly familiar, woman, by his side. Did actress Angie Harmon go to the awards show with Vaughan?

Vaughan and Harmon recently praised one another on Twitter

Those who follow the “Days of Our Lives” star on Twitter may have noticed a flirty, fun interaction recently between Greg Vaughan and Angie Harmon of “Rizzoli & Isles,” “Women's Murder Club,” and “Law & Order.” When Vaughan's Emmy nomination was announced, Harmon praised him on her Twitter page.

Harmon tweeted a huge congratulations to Vaughan, calling him a “handsome devil,” and she said he was gifted and fantastic. Angie added that nobody deserved it more than he did, noting that “we” were proud of him. Just a few hours later, the Days of Our Lives star replied to Harmon's tweet. He said she was truly amazing and added that he couldn't think of anyone more beautiful to be his date for the night of the awards show.

Some fans of the two piped up on social media and noted that they'd make a beautiful couple, but there didn't seem to be any additional chatter about the possible pairing on Twitter after that.

They are both single, after splitting with their respective former spouses a few years back, and it looks like some have wondered if Greg and Angie might quietly be dating.

Are Angie and Greg letting the world know they're officially dating?

While Harmon and Vaughan still aren't sharing specifics, it certainly looks as if she was his date to Sunday night's (April 29) Daytime Emmy Awards show.

When Greg won his award, a gorgeous brunette who looks just like Angie was next to him and some think he made a reference to her as he thanked people during his speech.

Was this just a friendly outing between two new friends or something more?

Could this be Greg and Angie's way of letting the world know that they've been doing more than sharing friendly, flirty back-and-forth posts with one another on social media? Some would guess that the Daytime Emmy Awards show isn't exactly the type of event you'd go on as a first date or initial friend-building outing. So, if, as people suspect, it was Angie Harmon sitting next to Greg Vaughan, some think it is a sign of romance blossoming between the two. Is the "Days of Our Lives" star the big winner of the evening with both an Emmy award and a gorgeous new lady attending as his date and new romantic partner? Fans will be watching closely to see if Greg and Angie share any details about their status and some are rooting for them to be a true couple.