Last week on "The Bold and the Beautiful" Wyatt overheard Justin admit staging the office scene to look as if Bill and Steffy were still sleeping together. Since that time Wyatt has been conflicted on whether or not to tell his brother the truth. Dollar Bill has been bribing his son with gifts, a car and a promise to leave Spencer Publications in his hand. Katie, like her former husband, believes it is best if Liam marries Hope and the truth remains a secret. On Friday the guilt of being his sibling trusting him to be best man best of Wyatt. He halted the nuptials, took Liam aside and told him the truth.

Fans, however, must wait until Monday to find out if the wedding will be called off.

Liam is easily manipulated

"B&B" viewers have watched history repeat itself over and over again as the love triangle of Liam, Steffy, and Hope continues through the decades. These young lovers watched the same thing play out multiple times, with Bill, Brooke, Taylor, and Ridge. Wyatt has been torn between wanting to be accepted by his father and being truthful with Liam. On Friday, however, he decided to stand up for his brother during the wedding. Wyatt was still weighing his options as Carter began the ceremony.

Wyatt was torn between his desire for his father's approval and loyalty to his brother. He was not certain whether he should let his sibling know his marriage was beginning on a lie, or if he should expose his father.

When no one objected to the nuptials, Carter was about to move on to the next phase of the service. It was at that moment that Bill's second son made his decision. He told his sibling that he needed to talk to him immediately and he and Liam went into another room. Wyatt confessed the entire story, but because Liam is so easily manipulated, things could go either way.

Monday will reveal the conclusion of the cliffhanger

At the end of Friday's episode, viewers were left wondering what Liam will decide to do. He went to bed with Hope and decided to marry her only moments after being told Steffy was still having an affair with his father. Now his rushed wedding has been halted. It's going to take a minute to process that what Wyatt told him was a setup so fans really have no idea who this cliffhanger will turn out.

Ridge wanted both Liam and Hope that something was wrong and that Dollar Bill was behind it. This does not, however, indicate that the wedding to Hope will be called off. Wyatt's confession could be too much, too little, too late and the nuptials will continue. Be sure to watch Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" to find out.