"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" canceled. It's the bad news that fans had been dreading for a while now. There are still two Season 5 episodes left to air on Fox, but that will be the end of its run on the network. First the bad news. Several reports, including one from CNN, has confirmed that "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" was canceled to clear space on the upcoming television schedule. The network needs to make room for "Thursday Night Football," while figuring out where to move other shows.

This isn't the only show that Fox canceled. Comedies "The Mick" and "The Last Man on Earth" will also be coming to an end.

The official announcement of Fox's fall 2018 lineup is expected to come next week, but first, they needed to clear the decks. This is going to leave a lot of viewers frustrated, especially those who have no interest in watching football on the network. Having won extra games in the new NFL contract, though, Fox sees it has a great way to increase advertising revenues.

Hope for Season 6

A new report by Vanity Fair has sparked a lot of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" rumors online. This could save the show from getting completely canceled, even if it doesn't air any more episodes on Fox. Several networks are reportedly jockeying to gain the rights to air the show, with Hulu leading the early stories. Hulu already brought back "The Mindy Project" when Fox canceled it in 2015.

Could a canceled "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" follow that same road?

What does the future hold for ensemble cast?

Having syndicated episodes on TBS has certainly helped the stock for "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" this year. It has drawn new viewers to the program and it shows that there is more long-term revenue to gain from keeping the show on television.

It could be very interesting to see if viewers who have enjoyed the show on Fox or TBS will be willing to pay to watch future episodes. Will it help increase the subscriptions for Hulu? Maybe Netflix is another option for where the show could end up?

For viewers or readers who haven't tuned in to view any episodes of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," it is a comedy that has nearly aired five seasons on Fox.

The show has a very strong ensemble cast that includes Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Stephanie Beatriz, and Terry Crews. By the end of Season 5, it will have aired 112 episodes, so no matter what, the show has had a good run. There is definitely some light at the end of the tunnel though. Even though "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has been canceled, a quick renewal by a new network could mean that Season 6 debuts in fall 2018.