"Killing Eve" is so well-constructed, the BBC approved a second season even before the first episode aired on television. Five episodes into the first season, it continues to draw new viewers, and deservedly so. It's an addictive, binge-worthy, and enthralling piece of television that comes with dangers of its own. Much like "Breaking Bad" convinced viewers to root for a meth dealer, people tuning in to Killing Eve may find themselves sympathizing with a contract killer.

Sandra Oh stars in the title role of Eve Polastri. A desk worker for MI5, Eve is about to be thrust into an action-oriented facet of her life.

Is this what she has been waiting for her whole career? Or is she unprepared for what it takes to investigate the darker side of espionage? That becomes one of the underlining subplots of the first season, with the first five episodes stretching the limits of her character. It also allows Oh to shine as brightly as she did during the first few seasons of "Grey's Anatomy" on ABC.

Villanelle takes center stage

Jodie Cromer stars as Villanelle, Before this, she was known as Ivy Moxam in the TV mini-series "Thirteen" and as Kate Parks in the TV series "Doctor Foster." The first season of "Killing Eve" is going to make her a star, though, especially if the final three episodes of Season 1 keep up the pace of impressive writing and spectacular acting from the ensemble cast.

During what can sometimes be a down time for television during the year, the BBC has quietly provided a winner for television viewers.

Cromer, Oh, and "Killing Eve" are all getting early rave reviews. A report by Rotton Tomatoes states that all 41 critics who have reviewed the show have given it a fresh rating. That's a rare 100 percent mark for a new television show, with 89 percent of viewers stating that they also liked it.

With each episode the television ratings have been improving as well, predicting that this is a clear hit for BBC America. Could that end up leading to some Emmy Awards when the next round of trophies are given out in the fall?

It's time to get caught up on Season 1 episodes

"Killing Eve" airs Sunday nights at 8 PM on BBC America.

There are still three episodes left in Season 1, giving potential viewers a chance to binge-watch the first five episodes to get caught up. It's worth the time, even for those viewers who aren't familiar with the source material written by Luke Jennings. That might even be a good thing, as it doesn't influence the opinions of new viewers tuning in to see if a security operative has what it takes to stop an assassin.