Being a professional athlete requires a lot of traveling and being in new places that you're not used to. Episode 24 of "Ball in the Family" showed that as none of the Ball boys were in LA or in their hometown of Chino Hills, California. The Ball boys are all abroad as they take part in their lives as professional Basketball players.


With the team playing another game for BC Vytautas in the LKL, the Boys try and implement what they did while training with their father when they went to Barcelona to train. LaVar explains how the team effort is weak and described the team as "raggedy" in one word.

LaVar points out how the morale of the team is bad and that nothing positive happens on the team. He explains how the team only won four games and lost 13 or 14. During practice, the coach is seen yelling at the players which LaVar explains happens every practice for like 10 minutes. With LaVar sitting in the stands during practice, he decides to call out the coach and explains how the coach is a loser.

New Orleans

With the Lakers in New Orleans to play the Pelicans, Denise decided to join Zo and went to watch him play. The Lakers did have the lead for a while in the game but ended up losing the game by three points. After the game, Zo, Denise, DMO and Zo's bodyguard Nic went to a restaurant and talked about what will happen with the baby on the way.

Denise says that Zo will be a good father but that he still underestimates the responsibilities of having a child even though Zo himself said that he's prepared for a child.

Talking about the child prompted Lonzo to figure out what he was like as a baby which he called his grandma Noni via FaceTime who was with Tina at the time.

Noni said that Zo took his first steps when he was 11 months old and that he was out of diapers before he turned one.

Denise and Lonzo decided to go on a horse and take a tour around New Orleans. Their tour guide showed them a park that used to hold public executions and passed by Hotel Provincial which some people say is haunted due to the history that dates back to the 1700s.


With LaVar not pleased with his sons' development and playing time in Lithuania, he has already started looking at other places to play for Melo as the plan is for Gelo to be with an NBA team next season. LaVar went to Poland to see what the atmosphere was like there. LaVar left Poland impressed and said that Poland is where Melo could play next.

End of the episode

Normally I end each article with a preview of what's going to happen in the next episode, but with Episode 24 being the season finale, there is no next episode. At the end of this episode, LaVar acknowledges that he knows that no one thinks Gelo will make the NBA but LaVar thinks that Gelo is NBA ready. Also, a day after Gelo declared for the NBA draft, he scored 72 points and the end of this episode features highlights from this game.